tracking numbers


has anyone received there tracking numbers for delivery? the last email said we would have them by the 16th…


I got the tracking number two days ago. i am in Australia.

OH, i might get the beatbuddy tomorrow!!


I think you guys not in the US will get yours first. Let us know how cool it is…


I live in France.

I got my tracking number (DHL) on Sept. 16th. But since then, nothing moved, the tracking status is stuck on “Shipment information received” (HONG KONG - HONG KONG).

Waiting …


As with Ed. Signed up for notifications, nothing yet.


AS Edouard… Nothing for this time, and I’ve got my track number since Tuesday… Sad…


I’m located in the states and have not received my tracking number yet. Really bummed out. :frowning:


Same as Edouard. I live in England. I have contacted Beat Buddy but no reply as yet. :expressionless:


I got mine last night, rather late for West Coast. Checked this morning and it left the dock this morning. Should arrive by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.


I live in Kelowna BC Canada. Still no tracking number


I got my tracking number last Tuesday and nothing since, not collected by courier etc. No email response from beatbuddy Anyone else beginning to worry this is all one big scam?


Personally, I don’t believe this is a scam.
David and his amazing team put a ton of efforts together into this project. Stopping right now would be illogical in my opinion.

Let’s guess for a second - why would they make this forum, if this project would be void?

I understand, it was a long wait. But why panic now? I believe you will get your BeatBuddy soon enough, and believe me, it will be worth the wait!


I got my tracking number on the 16th. Today is the 21st. After 5 days the status still hasn’t changed. It still says Hong Kong - Hong Kong.


we will get them… this is normal… Brand new company with a brand new product…


I’m in the US and still don’t have a tracking number. I made my purchase back in February when they were still raising money for this project. I may be dead by the time it shows up. At least my kids will have fun with it.


Hello everyone. This is an official update from the BeatBuddy Team.

Status of US orders: Every single order is already packaged and in the United States. Most have been sent out to the intended recipients, and those recipients will be receiving their tracking numbers very soon if they did not already (there can be, at times, a variable gap from when the package is sent out until the tracking number actually becomes available). There are still a small handful of US orders that are in our shipment sorting facility in Michigan, and they should be completed by tomorrow evening.

Status of international orders (including Canada): From the last update we received, they are still in the shipment facility in China/Hong Kong. We are in the process of finding out what is causing the delay (there are a variety of potential reasons this could be happening), and once we know and have fully clarified, we will take all the necessary steps to complete the process, and we will include all of you in this update. This may take a few days to receive an official answer from the shipment facility in Hong Kong, and we are doing our best to take care of this.

If anyone has any specific questions or inquiries regarding their orders, please email: with all of your order info, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


All I had to do was leave the room. I came back and my tracking number was in my email. Should have it by midweek. Thank you gentlemen.i’m really looking forward to using this. It should be a lot of fun. :mrgreen:


I got my tracking # sat. sept. 20th. The email says my BB got dropped at the USPS at 7:40 am same day. I activated a new feature offered by USPS where they can text me anytime my package is moving. I was just told that my BB arrived in my city Chicago. That means by tuesday it will be in my hands -Thank God-. Your BB will arrive soon as well. Thx David, Eli, and other ppl behind the scenes. I only want to know when my XL shirt will arrive to my address as well. Good Luck everyone and God bless.


I got my tracking number Friday, and it shows that mine should be at the door tomorrow (Monday). I’m also very excited to start using this pedal- it’s been quite a ride but I am sure the journey will be more than worth it.


Just got my tracking number. I`m psyched !