Transition Forgiveness

I think this idea sounds cool on the surface, however in reality you are removing functionality. No longer can you play an entire bar transition fill, as triggering it on “1” will cause Transition Forgiveness to skip to the next part without the transition.

To me playing the full transition bar is extremely useful. I have at least a couple songs I’d have to rework with Transition Forgiveness. I’d rather see you implement something like "A second Transition command while one is in progress triggers Transition Forgiveness and moves to the next part immediately (staying in time).

Just my two cents. I’m not a fan of the decision to remove useful functionality in order to “correct” a rare form of self-inflicted mistake.

Totally agree with the last paragraph.

I would like to see them make it optional, and put a toggle switch for it in the settings menu. Give us the option to turn it off all together. It takes away too much functionality. Sure, sometimes I hit the transition too late. The worst that happened was I would start singing the next verse while a drum fill is playing. It wasn’t the end of the world. The Beatbuddy always stays in time.

Please check out the 4.1.0 post for our response: