Transition part of song sticking

Just updated the latest firmware and noticed that whenever i played some tracks ,that the song went automatically to transition stage of song without holding pedal and then stuck in this position, repeating the part over and over? is there a solution to this? can anyone help

firmware 1.9.4

A couple of options:

  • try to reinstall 1.9.4 in the off-hand that something might not have gone well with the install
  • revert to 1.8.5 which might work better for 'ya

reinstalled 1.8.5 worked a treat! thank you so much

Running into a similar problem with firmware update 3.6.0 and content Ver. 2.0 where tracks get occasionally stuck in “transitional” mode while using the footswitch or pedal. Seems to be a software problem ? as both of my bb units exhibit the same problem. Would welcome any fixes or suggestions
Thanks in advance

Does it do this consistently with any particular song or genre?
Just the pedal, right? You haven’t noticed it doing this in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)?

I think I’ve isolated part of the problem to the following :

  1. FS1 assigned (enabled) to Main pedal
  2. If FS 1 is not plugged in and you operate the main pedal alone then unit goes into Transitional loop.
  3. If FS1 is plugged in you can use the main pedal concurrently to run the BB without any issues.
  4. So far have to leave FS 1 attached …
    I have 2 BB units from different manufacture dates and both units exhibit the same problems.
    I am running both units with Firmware 3.6.0 but also tried an older Firmware as an experiment. -with the same symptoms showing up.
    seems like there is a communication issue between the FS1 and the main pedal ,is it possibly a software issue ?

Any updates on this? Got the same problem… the transition play again and again, also the tap tempo screen flashes when on stand by

Hi, are you on the latest version 4.0.1? You can verify what version you are currently on in the Main Menu (press both the Drum Set and Tempo knobs at the same time) and go to the About BeatBuddy option.

If you are, and you are using MIDI, make sure you are sending both the CC113 value 1-32 command followed by a CC113 value 0 command. CC113 value 0 is the complete transition command, without it, the BB will be stuck in the transition until it receives it.

If you have done all the above and are still having issues, please write to at your earliest convenience for more help here.

Thanks for the question!

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