Transition stops and doesn't proceed to next section

I’m new to the BeatBuddy, but I’ve noticed some very odd behavior with the long press to begin a transition. On certain segments, the transition somehow cancels out the first time:

  • Long Press on 1 of last measure
  • Transition light comes on
  • I release the footswitch
  • Transition Light goes off and the played part stays what it was
  • The next measure I can start another transition, and this time it will “stick”.

I’ve purchased the Pink Floyd set and Give Me On Reason by Tracy Chapman. On Comfortably Numb I can consistently reproduce this on track 2, and occasionally on track 9. On Give me One Reason I can reproduce it sometimes on track 1. Any ideas? Please help! I want to love this pedal, but this is a deal-breaker!

Edit: Video of my problem: Dropbox - Video Sep 25, 10 24 33 - Simplify your life

Notice on part 2, the transition goes away and it stays on track 2.

*Bumps *

Any ideas on this one? I see in the 4.0 beta firmware one of the fixed items is related to a “debouncing” issue that impacted transitions. Is it possible that this bug is what I am experiencing? Is it possible that this is a hardware issue and I need to contact Musicians Friend for an exchange?

I can confirm that this is still occurring after upgrading to the 4.0 Beta. Is it possible there is something strange about that Comfortably Numb premium midi file? Is there something strange about Mac Big Sur? I’m at a loss here. It makes the pedal basically unusable on the songs with the problem.

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting, what version are you on? We have seen this but didn’t realize it was reproducible great find!

Also, did you modify the Singular Sound beat? Could you please forward the .sng file to if you did?

Let me know thanks

I did make a small tweak to the song (Replaced the stock intro with a 4 count hi-hat part). I have sent the .sng to Support! Please let me know what else you need to move forward with your investigation.

One other thing I’ve found that is consistency reproducible with transitions using Stevie Wonder Superstition from the Premium Library. On Song-Part-3, the Transition fill is 2 bars. But it ALWAYS only plays the last bar. Even if you trigger it on the “3”, you only get the 3 and 4 from the 2nd bar of the transition fill. This happen every single time on every bridge part (parts 3, 5, and 7 in the standard Premium Library version).

Sounds similar to an issue I’ve encountered on transitions, I updated my firmware to the latest and I’m having issues with it not changing to the next beats. I’ve asked the question on another thread :

Morning all, is it me or has my transition on the beat buddy changed since I’ve updated to the latest firmware. It used to be quite forgiving, now if not timed right it doesn’t transition to new beat and carrys on with the original beat . Any tips or tricks appreciated. Thanks .

MOD COMMENT: I removed the thread you started with the same request. It’s always helpful to check the forum to see if a thread exists before starting a new one. Thanks

This will be fixed in the upcoming version thanks

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Do you know how long that’ll be ? Is it possible to load an older firmware back on the bb ?

You can revert to older firmware versions.

And I thought it was only me.
I have been having exactly the same problem with ‘Rolling in the Deep’
Barry Emmens.

Hi Brennan, I am also having this exact same issue on default beats as Rock 3. When will this be fixed??? Is there some way to get it right before next firmware release??? It is very frustrating.

Have you tried beta firmware 4.0.1?

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Thanks persist. I would try that. Cheers


This is fixed in the latest beta yes!

This fix worked a treat for me , the transition is a lot more forgiving and works every time . Thanks for the speedy fix.

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