Transitions after 1 bar

How does the beat buddy decide if it’s going to play the entire transition fill or not? I understand that you’re supposed to hold the transition until the last measure and then release, but sometimes (for some songs) it will play the 2 bar transition without me holding the button. Is it if the main part is the same length as the transition part? I’ve mostly noticed on some premium songs. November Rain has a 2 bar transition fill that usually plays through even with a “normal” long press and release for the transition.

With looping, sometimes I can’t dedicate a foot to a specific pedal for 2 or 3 measures. Is there a way to just say “Play the full transition and then move to the next part” whenever I trigger a transition?

I believe it depends on how much time you give the BB to play the fill. If you are late triggering the transition, then it plays whatever it can of the fill given the amount of time that it has before the next part has to start so that everything stays in time. I could be wrong, but that is how it seems to work.

edit- Sorry, I just realized that you said a 2 bar fill. My only experience is with 1 bar fills so I am actually not sure how that is supposed to work.

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Exactly (sort of). The transition or fill starts when you press the pedal and ends at the end of the bar during which you release the pedal. So let go by the “4” and you should be fine.

This is somewhat affected by the “Start Transition On” setting in the pedal (I think that’s what it’s called). Most easy to use are Immediately" and “Next Beat.”

@JoeInOttawa Yeah I get how it works for 1 bar transitions, but sometimes (mostly for 2 bar transitions) it seems to play the entire transition without me holding the press until the 2nd bar starts.

But then other times I try to build songs to make it do that, and it’ll just play 1 bar of the transition and move on. I’d like to understand what makes the beat buddy do that on the songs where it plays it.

Again, this is only for multi-bar transitions.

Fair enough, I have occasionally noticed some weird alchemy going on there. I wonder if it has something to do with whether or not the final bar includes an extra “1” (i.e., the cymbal crash)…

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That is an interesting thought. I’ll do some testing this week and report back!

If you can give us a list of the offending songs we can look into this, also if you can show us a video of the behavior on your end that is always helpful!

You can send an unlisted youtube video to, let them know the link to this thread to keep track.