Tutorial for importing user created song into BBM

I see users getting confused with this on a daily basis and the official Beatbuddy tutorial is about as clear as mud when it comes to importing user created songs.

First is to download the user created .sng file off the internet. In this example I will use Whole Lotta Love with Bass from my setlist thread here.

Click on the song and it will bring up a download page on dropbox. When I click on the download link it downloads straight to a folder where all my downloads go. You might get a box asking for a location to download to. Here is where my .sng ends up.

Now open up BBM (Beatbuddy Manager) and select the folder you want to put the song in. I have a folder I created called user where I import downloaded songs to.

Now select the file dropdown menu from the top left corner and select import and then song

Then Located the file you downloaded from the internet

The song will now be imported and ready to play. If no sound now comes out when played the song might be setup with a custom drumset that you don’t have in your beatbuddy. In this example it is “Rock with Bass”. Just select another drumset from the box.


Thanks for taking the time to put this together and contribute it to the forum. I haven’t had time to walk through it yet, but it should be very helpful. Cheers!!

very helpful thanks very much for this tutorial, but how about I want to create a new beat with a beat maker software I have and then I want to imported into BB software in order to be played in my pedal

Thanks Stu. That’s good. However I can’t get a hand clapping drum set, and the original beat buddy songs, which I have downloaded to install on my BB manager. I have an Mac and have found the IT work with BB very time consuming. Fortunately Jay helped over the phone to install the BB Manager for me. The bit I’m stuck on is where you go Import > song (or drum kit, or folder); then when I find the song on documents I can’t seem to click it and have it load in the song lists on the manager L sided pain. Can anyone help?
Thanks Dr J

New user here, I figured out the part above on my own, before I found this thread, but it’s good info.

For the songs that require a custom drumset (anything marked “with bass”) like in your example, maybe it would help to explain how to import the drumset, rather than change to a standard drumset and lose some of the capabilities the song relies on (e.g. bass notes).

I also figured it out on my own last night (first day with my BB), I think what I did was along the lines of:

  1. download the “Rock with Bass” drumset:
  • I went to the resources “tab” of the forum:
  • I found the “Rock with Bass” drumset (towards the bottom of the list)
  • download it like you did for the song earlier in this thread
  1. import the drumset:
    Just like for the song, userd File -> Import (see pic earlier in this thread) but chose drumset instead of song.

  2. activate the drumset?
    it still didn’t play bass after I imported the drumset, I had to go to the drumset tab in BBManager:
    there was a checkbox next to “Rock with Bass” that was unchecked. after I checked it, it started playing bass enabled songs properly

That’s what I did but as I pointed out, I’m new at this, so I hope this was the proper thing to do.

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Yes, this is exactly how the process is done. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this post,it helpful for me.

Just got my BeatBuddy a week ago and have followed this process to try and import my first 2 user created songs. Right away I am having problems. When click on Open to import each song I get an error message “Error While Parsing Song Content, Internal Parsing Errors, SongFileModel::readFromBuffer – WARNING – A part of file was not used by parser. The unused size is 23016. File contains more data than expected. Skipping file.” Is this because there is a problem with the song files that makes them unusable?

Welcome, vandebopper. Probably means you need the latest BeatBuddy Manager version: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/beatbuddy-manager-software-1-64-win-mac.6232/

Very good and important help!,tanks,god bless you
Were can i get the drum set, Rock whith bass? …just in case

You can get it from this forum > Resources > Drum Kits

Tanks persist,complements from portugal

I keep getting the same error when importing… I’ll attach a pic. I’ve tried this with three separate files I found in the custom beat section of this site.


It appears that you may not have a project open. If you created one, then open it. If you haven’t created one, you’ll need to do so using the BBM.

Actually, it may be something else… trying to trouble shoot.

It’s looking like I can’t copy ANYTHING to my SD card. It isn’t locked (from the side of the card); I think it has something to do with it being formatted as MS-DOS FAT(32), and I am using a Macbook. That, or it’s a defective SD card. Anyone else have this problem?

Hi, Jared. Unless you’ve changed something from the screen shot you posted earlier, the reason it isn’t working is because you don’t have a project open. I’m using a Mac and I’ve attached a screen shot of what your Project Explorer should reflect—you have an asterisk instead of the path to where your where your project file is located. The asterisk means there is no project open or saved.
If you hover over it, you should see a tool tip and the complete path to where your project file is located.

  • It’s good that your SD card is not locked.
  • Your SD card is supposed to be formatted as FAT 32; probably not wise to mess with it unless it isn’t.
  • Once you sort out opening the project, you’ll be able to export your project to your SD card and then to synchronize it.
    If you’re still having issues, follow the instructions from the BBM Help > Getting Started menu.
    Merry Christmas and warm regards,


I appreciate your help Persist, and happy holidays to you too. I’ll have a look after the holidays… There’s something fishy going on. I was able to start a new project and copy all the old files onto it, added one folder called “Downloaded Songs” that had songs I got from this site, and began the export. It left this error message and forced me to abort:

Basically it won’t let me delete the old content and write over it with the new. All I did was make an exact replica of the stuff on the SD card, added a new folder, and added 3 songs to it.

The step by step above seems simple enough and that’s what I’m doing actually. The problem is that it keeps adding a copy of a song that is already in that folder. What I did is created a folder I call “new songs” on my computer that I use to import songs and I already have a “gig” list folder on BB and in the manager. “gig list” does show up and has a few songs in it already. I do exactly what you have here. I click on the song in my new songs folder to import and it shows it importing, but it imports a copy of a song that is already in the folder. It actually only imports that song regardless of which song I select in the “new songs” folder.

Oddly some songs import fine it appears, except for these two. Are the files corrupted or something like that? BB manager is basically picking the one song that was imported when I first started figuring this thing out and copying that file rather then importing the one selected from the folder. There are two songs where this happens all the time.