Unable to set mixer loop volumes if theres no recorded audio bug


I need to set loop volumes when there’s no pre-recorded audio but if there’s no audio in the tracks which there won’t be if you’re making everything live it won’t let you save or change mixer volumes!

So now, as a workaround; everytime I turn the looper on I have to turn the master volume down three notches (the playback level I need so you can hear my lead lines on top of the rhythm n bass I’ve laid down) which will be a massive pain live.

Or have I missed something and is there a way to do it?

Can we please have it to allow mixer volumes to be changed if there’s no audio (I assume this is a bug, I mean you still need to be able to set playback volume even if theres no pre-recorded audio) Being able to set up loop playback volumes is kind of basic really


Masten :slight_smile:

Firmware 2.13b

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I think I have a related issue.

Pretty sure that (when I record a track with everything at the default settings) the playback is louder than the live guitar. I always turn down the loop volume as soon as it starts playing back.

It might just be me and how things sit in the mix, but I don’t think so. It’s one of those “things don’t feel quite right” that’s easy to tolerate.

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Yeah might be related dunno. Just added this to the bugs list so hopefully someone will look at it and add it to the update list :slight_smile:

Please do not post issues twice. This is the issue I am leaving open.

This may be related to a mono summation issue that is fixed in 2.17.5, if it is not fixed, please open a new issue, thank you.