Unable to synchronize as usual to existing SD cards and corrupt drumkits

Seems related to having modified a MIDI file for a .sng crafted from REAPER then used the BB Mgr ( edit function (simply reassigning channels to correct misaligned drum parts and adding a few beats) with a standard unmodified drum kit (StandardPBass). All is functional and plays on the Manager.

Attempting to synchronize for pedal use I get an ‘Unable to copy…Drumsets/8E08AD5D.DRM to…’ Retry attempts on both cards went forward following some random (and likely unrelated) actions on my part - rebooting Mgr, opening the folder and clicking on the specified offending DRM file.

Using the SD card now the drumkit is corrupt - sounds mis-assigned all over but still plays fine in Mgr.

DRM in question deleted via Mgr from the project but still shows in the folder labeled as ‘modified’. Reloading the DRM and attempting synchronization shows ‘Unable to delete/Volumes/Drumsets/ config.csv’

Rebooted everything and got the same error as earlier ‘Unable to copy same drumset…’

Currently Mgr plays everything fine but the .sngs on my pedal for any using this kit are corrupt.

Where I’ve seen this issue before, it was caused by not enough space remaining on the the SD card. The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) will process it just fine but when there wasn’t enough space on the card, the BBM would display that error message.

If my suggestion didn’t fix the issue, you’re welcome to contact me via e-mail with a link to the drum set and I’ll take a look at it this weekend.

Always makes me feel better when we think along the same lines unfortunately my train comes up short of the station. I thought there was an less-than-obvious reason like this. I just tried deleting unused drumsets in the manager and get an error message when attempting to synchronize that it can’t delete [drumset] on the volume (SD card). I can’t delete the Drumset folder itself directly on the card apparently.

I haven’t tried erasing files within the folder or anything further since i"m just guessing at this point. I’ll wait for direction. Thanks as always for your willingness to help!

Hmmm. If you used the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to delete drum sets and then try to sync your project to your SD card, it should remove the drum set.

I’m able to delete the DRUMSETS folder directly (using the Finder) from my SD card. Could your SD card be locked? Not trying to insult your intelligence but that’s what the symptom sounds like.

If your card is not locked, you may want to delete the contents of the card and then use the BBM to Export your Project to your SD card.

Let me know what happens.

As a follow up with many thanks (again!) to Persist for advising and educating me on the inner workings of Beat Buddy - problem solved. Having too little free space available on the cards caused unexpected behavior. Persist has requested BB do some better warning when card memory is getting too low.

Armed with a better understanding of how BB manager transfers files to the SD card I exported the project as opposed to synchronizing (knowing it sounded fine in Manager) to the SD cards as a means to overwrite the cards with fewer files to free up space. After then re-assigning pedal functions everything works fine. I now have 500MB of the 4GB card free as opposed to previously having only 50 or so MB free.

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