Understanding the file system

Hey all!

I am new here and looking to get some info to help out my Dad (the actual Beatbuddy user). My goal (hopefully this all works), is to help him build up the info on his SD, which I’d initially do from my system where I don’t have the device. All that seems to be going well.

  • have used the BB manager to load up the SD source from a folder on my system
  • have created a new project from the singular sound source SD zip that I downloaded
  • have grabbed a few Groove Monkee packs and successfully (I think) loaded them up in BB manager via impor of the PFB backup files

1). Now that I have imported these backups, which created new folders in Beatbuddy manager like (GM-Country, and GM-Jazz), I would like to understand where these ended up within the filesystem? I have watched a few videos and one person showed them under myProject → user_lib → midi_sources, but when I look in that location of the project I am working with, that folder is empty.

2). Can you / what is the best practice of re-organizing the songs within the Beatbuddy manager? There does not seem to be a way to drag/drop things around, so wondering how I can (for instance) create a folder called BB-Native, then move all songs that shipped with/on the SD to that folder to clean things up a bit. Then, structure my songs within the folders the way I’d like. Can this be done within BB manager? Better yet, can you do this directly in the filesystem and then BB manager will read/update accordingly?

3). If you have a program like EZ Drummer, can you import the kits into BeatBuddy? I did see a few videos on this, but they were both several years old, looked very tedious to do, and am wondering if there is a fairly simple/updated way this can be done?

Any direction/links y’all could throw my way to better understand this stuff would be much appreciated. I am very comfortable with the tech side of things, but know nothing about beat buddy, other than what I’ve sorta figured out up to this point.

Thanks, much!
Have a great day.

  1. The default path to where my projects are located on my Mac looks like this and my files are visible (but I can’t remember if i had to change the file attributes to make them visible).
    Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 7.16.55 AM
    The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) is used exclusively to manage the data on both your computer and your SD card. For some users, the data might be invisible. This was programmed by Singular Sound to keep users from mucking about the BeatBuddy (BB) content using their computer operating system.
  1. Users can move songs/beats and folders up and down using either the BBM > Songs menu or the keyboard shortcuts:
    Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 7.22.40 AM

You will have to use the BBM File > Export > Song for each song/beat, create and name your new folder, select that folder and use the BBM File > Import > Song (you can select several songs/beats at the same time) to bring them into your new folder. ’

No—for the reason I stated above.

  1. Probably but not without quite a bit of work. There is no “fairly simple/updated way” to do so. If you are comfortable using a DAW (digital audio workstation), it will make the process easier however, if you aren’t, then expect to spend quite a bit of time learning to use the DAW and the drum creating process for the BB. You can search the forum for EZ Drummer to see what other others have to say about the process.

Not knowing what you have or have not checked or read already, you can continue to search and browse the forum for users’ experience. You can also check out the helpful links embedded here: Link (in blue font) to new user resources

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