Undo/Redo Behavior Options

Hi Singular Sound and All,
I have a recommendation below for the Aeros Looper, “Behavior” Menu for Undo/Redo Behavior Options.

Just to let you know where I am coming from, I have been a professional live looper for over 15 years. I do a mix of covers and originals and play on average 2 or 3 gigs a week, for 3 hours at a time. I have around 500 songs in my potential set, many of which I have learned to loop in a particular way.

Until now, I have always used the Digitech Jamman two-pedal looper. But many of you know that this, and other older loopers are “static loopers”, which have outputs that generate a certain amount of hiss. I played a couple of massive gigs recently where the sound engineers were complaining about it, so after some major research, I decided upon and purchased the Aeros Gold.

My style of looping has always been Freeform. I’ve never used a click and have no desire to. Often, I will start with some beatboxing and loop that, then I might overdub a bass line and guitar. I will Undo these for the verse and Redo them for the chorus/solo. I don’t use an external pedal to save pedalboard space. My looping philosophy is mainly to build up the loops as quickly as possible and get the song started. I play for 3 hours at a time, so I don’t want the audience to get bored of me building up loops.

I’ve got my Aeros Gold now, been practicing, obviously for me, 2x2 mode in Freeform Mode is the best place to start. I’ve looked into and adjusted all the relevant settings to me, I think. For example, I was very happy to see there were different Stop Modes, and I haven’t decided which I prefer yet. Another crucial tweak for me was to be able to change the behavior of the “Play/Stop All” button to “Release”, because before doing this, my stopped loops would play for a moment before I could delete them. This would have been no good in a live situation.

I would massively benefit from “UNDO/REDO BEHAVIOR” options. I cannot limit the number of Undo/Redos, and when holding the button down, they happen quite quickly. This means that I can accidentally Undo or Redo more times than I intended to. Even the original loop gets Undone, which to me is very peculiar! :laughing: So, my recommendation for this Menu would be that you can limit the maximum amount of Undo/Redos, and possibly even an option choose how long you have to press the button for before an Undo/Redo is actioned.

I really hope you can consider these for the next update. I imagine they would not be too complex to action and to me seem very obvious! In time I will be using the Aeros Gold at gigs and in my cover videos instead of the Jamman :slight_smile:

Here’s one to give you the idea:

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Try using 6x6 mode and muting tracks.

Also consider a midi pedal to make undo/redo easier.

Quad I appreciate the response. As I mentioned, I have 500 songs that it would take me forever to re-learn how to loop in a different way. Also, pedalboard space is precious. I have no roadie and set up and pack down myself and it already takes me 45 mins on each end. A bigger pedalboard would be a nightmare. I have been pro looping this way for 15 years and would love to upgrade my pedalboard with the Aeros Looper much sooner than forever! :slight_smile: I can’t be the only one, and I think my feature request is still solid!

Another thing worth mentioning about this Feature Request, is that it would enable the user to set Undo/Redo up as if it were a classic Looper like the RC-20/XL or Digitech Jamman. This could be a motivating factor for people considering moving over to the Aeros from classic loop pedals. Could then even add option to Undo/Redo at end of Loop? Could be very handy for many I’m sure :slight_smile:

You would end up with two settings in the menu: Set maximum number of Undo/Redo (1 to infinity or whatever), and number of seconds holding button to action the Undo/Redo ( 1 to 5 or whatever, or select End Of Loop). Solid!!

I’m not aware of any stompbox loopers that have infinite levels of undo. All that I know have one or two max.

The marketing guys turn that into “infinite overdubs” which is misleading as the next overdub “merges” a prior one

It is true that most only do one undo/redo, but there are a few exceptions.

Obviously I didn’t literally mean infinite undos/redos :laughing: The Aeros can do more than one or two, it’s only limited by the internal memory, and the maximum amount is not specified. They are not necessarily merged in the way you describe, though depending on what actions you take, they could be. You can do multiple overdubs, then go back to whatever stage you want, although it is very tricky to time. Then you can redo up to where you finished if you like.

As someone who sees Undo/Redo as an overlooked and powerful looping tool, this was the first thing I checked with the Aeros. Again, with the timing, it is easy to undo/redo more overdubs than you intend to without my feature request.

Hey there,

Unfortunately, the Aeros can only do so much with its limited button real estate, we are not looking into changing the button behavior (press/double tap/hold) while in the loop studio in any way, shape, or form. This is not an easy change (editing the state machine) and we do not intend to spend time on these functions changing.

That being said, MIDI is an excellent alternative, some MIDI controllers are very small and it may be the best way to get one-tap behaviors for your needed commands. For example, by using a MIDI dongle, you could send MIDI commands from your phone (using a midi controller phone app) to the Aeros and not take up any space on your board.

You can also use the slideout menu but this is not the ideal solution since you must press and hold the bottom left button to open the menu and then tap to select undo from the menu.

Lastly, you may want to turn on the Cancel Recording setting in the Device Behavior settings, this allows you to cancel any current overdub or recording immediately by tapping the Play / Stop All button while overdubbing/recording. This is a nice hidden function!

All in all, what you want is possible just not in the footprint you desire

Thanks for the request!

@BrennanSingularSound Thanks for being very thorough and informative, and thanks for your straight up no nonsense responses, which is greatly appreciated! I will explore the advice you have given me and see if there is something I can do with that which isn’t going to add much more stress to my setting up for and performing at gigs. I see that CC for both Undo/Redo is 37 and wondering why they don’t have separate numbers? This is mostly a whole new area for me but I will get my tech brain into it :slight_smile:

I would also like to discuss/clarify something about my original feature request. I didn’t think it involved changing the button behavior, unless you define changing how long you would need to hold the button for as changing its behavior? Which is fair enough, thanks for explaining that this would not be a simple solution.

As for just using the Aeros itself without any add-ons, as someone coming from classic loopers, I still think it is a significant issue that the fact that you only need to hold the button for a very short amount of time for undo/redo, combined with the fact that this will action multiple undos/redos in a way that is very difficult to time - especially in a live situation - makes it very easy to accidentally action more undos/redos than intended.

I was trying to think of the simplest solution for this, without increasing foot/tech print. Can I please then have your comments on this more simplified version of the original feature request…

Just looking at the option to be able to limit the number of undos/redos… some way in which the user can define the maximum number of undos/redos. The examples I can think of are either (i) the user chooses a specific number (in my case I would set to “1”), or another example I can think of is the user has two menu options, “Aeros” or “Classic”. If set to Aeros, undo/redo would act as they do presently, or if set to “Classic” the maximum number of undos/redos would be set to 1 and the Aeros looper would be treating undo/redo in the same manner as the classic loopers do. The benefit here is that this would mean that it wouldn’t matter how long the user held the button for… only 1 undo/redo would occur, again just like classic loopers, and eliminating the issue with undoing/redoing more than intended.

This wouldn’t change the button behavior, right? Can you see the merits of this feature request for people coming from the classic loopers? For me, I can’t overstate how enormously beneficial this would be! …I promise to make some fantastic videos featuring the Aeros!!! hahahaha Cheers :slight_smile:

I’ve taken advice to buy a MIDI foot controller for my Undo/Redo, but there appears to be a bug with it. This is now another reason for my Feature Request to be implemented!! The bug(?) is detailed here:

Hey this is not a bug, I responded

You didn’t really address the issue in your response Brennan, and also your response made no difference, results are still the same, please have a closer look at the bug report thread and video demo… thanks :slight_smile:

Again, the bug is still happening. The Aeros is undoing TWO layers with a single command. As such, please re-review my feature request of having the option to limit the number of Undos/Redos in a Song.