Unecessary confirmation screen when clearing a song

Hey there, we will not be doing any “chord” commands as far as I know, that is not the route we wish to take. Also, I think now is a good time to bring something up to avoid any issue

@masten, we have given this much thought, and appreciate your feedback, but we will not be implementing this. We do not want to make deletion immediate, it is just not in line with what we believe to be a safety feature. I’d rather get complaints that it’s taking too long to delete a song rather than people are accidentally deleting their songs, it’s just too high a risk.

We were considering the toggle, but this is superseded by the Hands-free mode we wish to implement, please check out how we plan on making it work. Also, you may like the new system more, because although you need to do a hold command and then a button tap to delete, these actions will no longer be on the Play/ Stop All button, so no more falling over!

I know you really wanted this function, but the need for a hands-free system is far more important to us. We appreciate you voicing the opinion, however.

You can blame me for the chord command idea. I hereby retract that! I think a hold or double tap in the right context is better than chords … and there may be other, better ideas.

I do think that “letting the user setup one or two chord commands of their choice” would be a useful advaced feature. That would be a bonus and not required. Everyone has their own preference for what needs to be quickly on tap (pun intended) and this might be a way to handle that. Chords might be useful as an optional, advanced feature.

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Hi Brennan. Which buttons will it now involve pressing then to clear all? That post you pointed me to is just really confusing tbh, I cant work out from it what is proposed for just a simple clear function. Thanks.

You only had to read the first post!

(currently the hold command on this button opens the mixer - we can keep this option so if you continue to hold the button the mixer will open. The song selection options only appear first while Aeros is stopped)

Save Song, New Song, Delete Song (“Cancel” label pointing at Play/Stop button)

New Song: Song List, 2x2 Song, 6x6 Song

Selecting 2x2 or 6x6 will open a new song with the last settings that were used for those songs.

Song List will go to the list of saved songs.

This means you will hold the Left most button to bring up the delete command, and then the rightmost button to delete

You may not need to delete so often (from mistakes and such) because we are working on the logic for re-recording undone tracks and you will be able to re-record on the press, meaning the timing will be like starting from scratch.


I just got my aeros looper today - after ditching my ditto X4 ,
In a live scenario for me I just want to move onto next song( clear and go ) - are most folks using a click track and creating song lists prior to a show ? how are you moving quickly onto next song with your feet ?
Amazing as it all is at home as a daw on the floor and sounds top notch Im just not getting that immediacy of looping live .The X4 was easy in that regard but freezing up and crazy firmware BS …let me down live on a few occasions…
Hoping I can find a method with aeros and this is just my first observation … cheers

Hey there,

COuple of things can improve this behavior:

  1. Use a MIDI device that can create a new 2x2 or 6x6 song
  2. Clear the current song with a long press of the Stop All button, and press yes to clear all. This is an un doable action, and is the fastest option if the song settings don’t need to change.

Does this answer your question?

Let me know, thanks!