Unecessary confirmation screen when clearing a song

Loving the Aeros so far apart from a couple of things. One is the confirmation screen when you clear a song. It’s not necessary and is a real pain when practising (I clear alot when I mess up practicing) and when playing live having to press and hold and then hit another button at the end of every song is not ideal




We understand that it may not be the quickest function but we don’t want to make song clearing too easy, or your masterpieces could be lost forever!

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If you clear it though you wouldnt lose it would you. Youd have to then save it wouldnt you to really lose it? What about an option to have the confirmation or not. I think a lot of people want immediacy, not feel like they’re using a computer. I know its hard to satisfy users that need speed and ones that need safety but possible with options I’d imagine.


Can you make it so it’s an easy single gesture if we choose to do it?

For example, press two buttons or continue to hold for 5 seconds more or …


I’d agree. Just have it be an option.

I think, as we get to know and use our loopers more, we’re going to be able to come up with our own workflows where some things, such as prompts, should be optional.

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Just did a gig dry run. Kept forgetting to confirm the song delete and so when started next song the old one started playing. Also having to reach over the other buttons to press and hold and then tap a different one (when I remember) is really unfeasible. Nearly fell over.

As well as having an option to not have the confirmation screen, it would be good to have an option to switch the hold mixer button to be instant song delete. Im never going to need the mixer live ever as will be the case for a lot of people that use the Aeros with a Beat Buddy without prerecorded audio. I remember seeing someone on gearpage or somewhere send it back with this being one of the reasons.

Should also work to instantly delete when stopped or playing as well

Really needs sorting, please add it to the feature list



We made clear song a two-step process to prevent accidental deletions of the song which we figured is a much bigger problem than having to use two steps to delete it. We will add a MIDI command to clear a song to be able to do it with one press using the MIDI Maestro or other MIDI controllers.



Ok, but as it currently is, for simple looping with no pre recorded tracks it’s not comfortable to use at all. Having to remember to hit that confirmation button every time between songs when you’re playing live is a pain.

Can’t there just be an option to turn off the confirmation screen. Job done. Will then work for both kinds of users.

Really don’twant to buy an expensive MIDI controller that I can’t fit on my pedal board (one of reasons bought the Aeros is cos its small) just to do that one little thing when all thats required is an option setting.

How do feature requests work btw? I mean will this request go into a ‘to consider’ list somewhere or will it just be forgotten about unless other people start requesting it?


Trust me, you are speaking to someone directly involved with the process.
We must always weigh the level of immediacy for a request. Yes, seeing several people request the same thing will make us more likely to consider it.
I’m not sure we see the benefit in removing the confirmation screen, we can look into giving an option but that is not our priority at the moment.

Yeah I dont expect it to be a priority, was just wanting to know if it will be considered or not?

If you dont understand why it needs removing try doing a gig with it and see what a pain it is to tap dance after every song (if youre not loading songs and just resetting after every song)


Masten :slight_smile:

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Related to this, there’s some need for a “scratch” mode where you’re in a new song right away. When the Aeros boots up, you’re several clicks (and decisions away) from being able to loop a new song. Perhaps a shortcut to create a new song that has the same defaults as the last song (loaded? created?). Think of it as the “Fast $20” option at the ATM.

IMHO the second tap is not so bad (at least you don’t have to touch the screen).

We will add it to our dev list just know it’s not a high priority so it may take time to implement it.

This is an interesting idea I think I’ve proposed something similar, like a toggle from main menu whether first open project is a new project or last saved. We could look into it. We are also looking into easy ways to navigate the Aeros from start to finish hands free, including starting new songs or opening old ones. This doesn’t include the MIDI implementation where we plan on including one-click new song commands.

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@BrennanSingularSound Ok thanks.

Yeah a scratch mode sounds good to me. For me this would just be an option to have it turn on and you’re straight into being able to loop rather than having to load a song first.

It’s also how the majority of pedals (including looper pedals) work. Turn it on and you are ready to go. If the pedal has a memory you can immediately use it, change it, erase it. Settings are the same as when you turned it off (or some setable default).

Aeros feels a bit like a software application than a pedal in this regard. Probably better to make the “first use” experience for musicians be similar to what they are used to.

This entire thread is the the reason I returned both the aeros and midi maestro. I asked about this feature back in November. Along with having the option to select between 2x2/3x3/4x4/5x5/6x6 or any combination of any of these. This and immediate song deletion are all I ever wanted aside from the midi maestro to work with aeros. I’ve “deleted my masterpiece” far less often than I need something deleted on the fly. Like less than 5 times verses an infinite amount of times needing to delete which will inevitably happen millions more times in my life.

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@brennan See the last post above about someone who agrees with me about the confirmation screen


M :slight_smile:


Thanks so much!

About song clearing:

  1. For me the confirmation window is basically acceptable. However a hands free option to silently clearing a song after stopping it before is mandatory.

  2. What I proposed here (Missing the non-beat-buddy-acoustic-realtime-performer features) is to provide a “clear all” command by pressing two buttons (e.g. start/stop all and part selection). No sound, no confirmation window, no unintentional erasing, no Parameter needed! Just silently clear all.

Hi yeah pressing the start/stop and part selection would work for me. Great idea, though just an option to turn off confirmation would also work too. Personally think this is a really important feature for live use. Who wants to tap dance just to clear a song. Cheers. M :slight_smile: