Unnecessary error message with SongSelect

Hello Singularsound

I am on Aeros 5.1.1 and since the update I get the following message when opening the song MSB 0 PC 0:
Song with MSB:- and PC:0 not found.

The fact is that Aeros finds and opens the song anyway. Why does this error message appear since the update?

Another example:
For the song MSB 1 PC 4 the error message is:
Song with MSB:- and PC:4 not found.
Again, the song is found and opened.

How do I get rid of this unnecessary error message?

Thanks for a feedback.


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Hey there,

Interesting, can you please send a video of this happening to support@singularsound.com or here using an unlisted youtube video?

Thanks for the report

Some other questions:

  1. This happens any time you open any song with a song select message?
  2. Could you record (using a MIDI logger application) what exactly is being sent by your MIDI controller?
  3. What MIDI controller are you using to do the song select?

Let me know thanks!