Updating Firmware on Beatbuddy

I recently picked up my beatbuddy and absolutely love it. I had no idea how much it could really do and after logging into the Singular sound website i was kind of blown away. Following the video tutorials I dl the new firmware, followed the video, copies the files onto the card, inserted back into the beatbuddy and 3 hours later it is still telling me it is updating beatbuddy firmware. Can someone give me advice on what I should do now? I know you aren’t supposed to shut the unit down while the firmware is loading. Thanks in advance.

  1. Unplug the power from the pedal. It usually takes under a minute for a firmware update.
  • Leave the pedal disconnected from the power for ten minutes.
  • Remove the SD card.
  • After ten minutes, insert SD card & plug it back in
  • If it powers up, check the firmware version.
  1. If it didn’t update, download and unzip the firmware again.
  • Put your SD card in your computer slot reader, delete all contents from the card and drag all the firmware files to the card.
  • With power off on the pedal, insert SD card and power up allowing the update to complete
  1. If the pedal does not power up, follow the instructions at Pedal does not power on

  2. If you’re still having issues, best to contact support@singularsound.com

Please let us know how you get it working.

Thanks for your help…looks like it updated properly.