Updating firmware

I just purchased Aeros loop studio. I connected to my Wi-Fi tried to update software it started to download the update got to 37% and switched to the home screen and the screen froze. I had to turn the machine off and then turn it on to reboot it tried it again in the same thing around 37 to 39% down loading the update it stops and goes back to the home screen. Any suggestions on what to try?

Try moving your pedal closer to the Wifi. Sometimes just raising off the floor is enough.

If all else fails, download the file on a laptop and follow the directions for updating via an SDCard.

Hi, what version of the firmware are you currently on?

You can definitely do this with an SD card manually if you have one, you can find 4.3.1 available here.

Where can I see the firmware update version on my Aeros?

This can be found on the Updates page which you can open from the main menu


I tried updating using my wireless connection today and it worked perfectly thank you very much