Updating Midi Maestro and Current App - Use Via Chromebook?

Hi -

I am mostly apple user, but have a chromebook. I donwloaded MM app from google play store.

the chromebook is showing the app is version 1.3.9

Is that most current version? if not, how do i update app?

trying to use app to update the MM.
i put MM into pairing mode. blue light flashes.
From app, select update firmware and the blue light on MM is solid and app shows “Progress… Writing” stayed there a long time - i think chromebook battery died - much longer than 15 minutes.

Tried again.
firmware update finished, but version showing on MM was still 1.1.4
ran the update default modes and it finished OK, but MM still showing 1.1.4

restarted MM still showing 1.1.4

trying to run the update again, but it does not seem to be making any progress.

in theory, chromebook is android and should work, right?

Am I missing something else?


Theoretically you should be able to however, reading https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/7021273?hl=en seems to indicate some caveats. You might be better off contacting support@singularsound.com to find out what they have to say and then let the forum know your outcome.

I’d be curious about the response. I’ve been waiting months or years for the iOS update if a chromebook works, maybe I could use the MM as something other than a doorstop.

Hi - FYI they confirmed that it’s not designed for chromebook… I’m hoping to borrow an unused android phone from a friend to see if I can get close enough to what I need with the MM to limp by live until they figure out midi song selection that will work on BB and Aeros.


I will say, current iOS app does work to update the firmware and default modes, first do the firmware, then the default modes. Check out this thread in case you’re worried about the common EEPROM bug

Android is at a functional state, some features, like creating from templates, are not working correctly but you should have no issue creating custom modes from scratch. We hope to have better news for you on this front very soon.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.