Urgent: Frozen on "Updating Beatbuddy Firmware"

Hello and thanks. I bought my BeatBuddy from Sam Ash and it arrived without power cord or SD card. I loaded the default content on an SD card. Downloaded the manager and did the firmware update. Kept getting error message “Not valid file” in manager. But urgent concern is that the unit is stuck on the “Updating BeatBuddy Firmware.” I would usually just unplug it but I watched a video that specifically said I would damage the unit if I unplugged it during the Updating process. My apologies if this is not posted to the right place. Please help!

Maybe this thread helps.

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Thank you. That just gave me enough courage to unplug it. Back to being stuck with “NO Song” but at least I did not damage the unit.

Maybe you need to restore the SDcard, download the SDcard backup and restore it.

Not knowing all of the details of what you have, and what you have or have not done, here are my thoughts:

  • did you buy a used or returned BeatBuddy (BB) pedal? Kind of sounds like you did—but if you didn’t, return it to the vendor and have them replace it.
  • if you bought a new SD card, did you format it? New cards do not need to be formatted. Make sure the card is unlocked and is in MS-DOS (FAT 32) format. The card should be an SDHC between 4Gb and 32Gb, class 10.
  1. Once you have a properly formatted SD card, Download Firmware and unzip the file. (You can delete the firmware file you previously downloaded).
  2. Insert the unlocked SD card in your computer SD card slot reader and copy the firmware files and folders to the top level of your card; eject the card.
  3. With the power off to the BB pedal, insert the card in the pedal and plug in the power; you should see UPDATING (or words to that effect) displayed on the pedal; it usually takes less than a minute to complete the update.
  4. Check the pedal’s About setting to verify that you have the latest version installed. Power off to the pedal and remove the SD card place it in your computer SD slot reader.
  5. Next step is to [Download SD Card backup Download SD Card backup v2.1 and unzip and copy the files and folders to the top level of your SD card.
  6. Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File - Open Project and navigate to the SD card and select Open.
  7. Accept the prompt to copy the project to your computer (you should have a bbworkspace folder as well as for future synchronizations; eject the card from your computer.
  8. With the power still off to your pedal, insert the SD card; power it up. You should now have genre folders and beats on your pedal (as well as in your BBM).