Using expression pedal to control volume


I’ve just received my new toy yesterday (THE midi maestro device) and started to enjoy with it !

Tried a lot of things with the IOS app to control my midi devices, but didn’t found out how to use the expression pedal connected to MM to control volume on my nova system device.

My expression pedal is well recognized by MM : I have connected it with a TRS jack, calibrated the pedal and checked in clutch mode that values from 0% to 100% are well changing with the pedal.

Nova system can be volume controlled by cc command from 1 to 127 values.
so I’d like the MM expression pedal send CC commands on channel 1 (my nova system) CC 5 (which fits with expression pedal midi command on nova system) and a range values from 0 to 127.
it is just what I actually do with my FCB1010 midi controler.

Could you tell me how to do that ?
thanks a lot,

Hey there,

unfortunately this will not be possible until we have built version 2.0.0, which we have already started the process for. Thank you for your feedback and sorry we don’t have more info at this time. Stay tuned!

Thank you Brennan for your quick answer. Could you tell me when it will be available according to the roadmap ?

We do not have an estimate at this time, sorry for the inconvenience.

Stay tuned!


Do you have any news about my request ? what about v2.0 forecast ?

No change in the news yet, the new app development is underway and we hope to have more information to share on it soon!

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

Any update on when we will be able to use an expression pedal for volume control?

Sorry my previous reply (just deleted) was thinking you meant for the Aeros, we are looking into this feature with the apps, we do not have more news at this time.

Thank you for your patience

It is a pity SS have no definite plan to add that customization anytime soon. Certainly no news that they will as they have only been looking into it over the last 6 months or more. Volume is so much more useful than tempo, which can be adjusted with trap tempo or increments. And the Midi Maestro is such a good looking and well constructed unit too.

@BrennanSingularSound can you confirm that SS is not planning to update this, or if it will be done soon? It seems such a small change and yet have such a significant improvement to what is currently a great, but unnecessarily handicapped, product.

So at the moment I have to use the expression pedal as a passive volume pedal. Running the mono output (L) through the pedal loses so much of the sounds quality of the Beast Buddy kit. Is it not possible to make this one feature available soon by enabling changing the CC code sent by the expression pedal? Having the full stereo makes such a difference and makes the BB stand out as a great instrument. If the pedal can control the BB volume we could use this. Looking forward to the next update.


we do not have any updates on the MM app at this time but we will look into this as far as allowing users to set the EXP output type, we will not be changing the standard setup, however.

I’m sorry that you are having issues finding a workaround, you could choose to use a y-cable out of BB into the TRS port of the expression pedal this way you would keep stereo and be able to used it for volume control.

Thank you for your patience

Any news on V2.0?
I hope Singular Sound is planning to release it this quarter?
If not, would there be a minor update that only enables this option to select TEMPO / VOLUME?

We hope to have solutions for the EXP pedal as soon as possible

Thank you for your feedback, we do not have more news at this time.

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