Using the Beat Buddy live - 1.76 beta firmware version

I just thought I’d share my current live setup so that it might help others. I’ve talked about various bits mentioned below in other posts, but I figured I’d collate all that information into one post so as to help newer people.
I play in a 2 piece, the singer plays guitar and uses a Boomerang loop pedal. I play bass and control the BeatBuddy. The BeatBuddy MIDI out is connected to the MIDI IN on the Boomerang to keep it in sync. With version 1.77 firmware, we now have this set to only sync while playing, this allows us to play songs without drums and it not interfere with the timing (no more pulling out the cable!).

This is my pedal board:

We both have iPads with OnSong, my iPad is configured to send out a MIDI command to the Beat Buddy via a PUC+ (see when I select a song; this sets the tempo and navigates to the correct folder and drum pattern. Here’s what one of my songs looks like in OnSong:

Psycho Killer
Talking Heads
(Country 6 straight with count in)
MIDI: 0.23:9, CC106:0, CC107:124

So it’s got the name, artist and tempo. Then I have a comment in brackets to let me know what the beat is. Then lastly I have 3 MIDI commands that get sent to the beatbuddy via the PUC+. The first command selects the folder and drum beat. The next 2 set the tempo - it’s 124BPM in this example. CC106 is multples of 128 and CC107 is single values up to 127; both of these are summed to give the total BPM. Here’s another example:

Walk Of Life
Dire Straights
(Blues 1 count in)
MIDI: 0.23:0, CC106:1, CC107:42

CC106:1 = 128 + CC107:42= 42
Total (128+42) =170BPM

So whilst the beat buddy is a great design, having one pedal that does start, fill, transition and stop can cause a train wreck in a live gig. So I use an iRig Blueboard (see Out of the box, the blueboard is quite difficult to use as the buttons are all set to latch. But of you hold down button ‘C’ while turning the device on, it will configure it to be a bluetooth MIDI device - this we can work with.
BeatBuddy version 1.77 firmware allows you to send midi CC messages to control things like fills, transitions and outros but the CC values don’t match what the blueboard is sending and there’s no way to change them or route them to the PUC+ (and thus the beatbuddy). So we need to use Midiflow app on the iPad to do this (plus you need to purchase the controller remapping addon). You can download my preset from here: This will configure the buttons as follows:
A: Fill
B: Transition
C: Start
D: Outro

So what about drum beats? We play covers of popular songs and really the drums don’t need to be that complicated. Whilst I’ve made some custom drum beats for songs (you can find them in the resources section of this forum), I generally stick to basic beats where I can. I’ve created a custom folder with a selection of beats that pretty much do most songs that you’ll come across. Then I’ve made them all have a hi-hat count as part 1, then the main beat as part 2. So when we play live, when I start a beat we’ll get the hi-hats, then we transition into the main beat. If we come to a break, I transition back to the hi-hats and repeat as needed. Simple. You can download my drum beats here:

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Qu’est-ce que c’est
Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better
Run run run run run run run away
I am an OG, I feel like I can’t keep up with this tech.

Thanks for your contribution! This takes the beatbuddy out of the practice room, for sure. I like how powerful it is becoming for the widely various uses of the end performer!

Thanks for all this info on MIDI, really opens possibilities!

wow, that is great to hear that Beat Buddy can be used with MIDI, but my goodness that is complicated!

I’m new here. waiting for customs to clear my parcel with my new Beat Buddy and reading some comments on the forum, I can see that a lot of functions I would take for granted as a keyboard player seem to be missing…

… or challenging to find a work around as we see here?

Thank you ruairiau for finding solutions that I would have expected the manufacturer to have anticipated and thanks for posting so clearly and fully!

It’s not really, it just sounds complicated because I’ve gone into detail. Let’s just look at the outcome for a second. This is what I do when I gig:

  1. Connect my Beatbuddy to the PA and turn on the PUC+
  2. Turn on my Blueboard
  3. Turn on my iPad, start Midiflow and connect the PUC+ and blueboard.
  4. Start Onsong, drink beer and play

I don’t need to fiddle with the beat buddy for the rest of the gig. I simply swipe to the next song in the setlist and Onsong sets up my Beat Buddy and off I go.

I purchased everything. The IRig Blue Board and the PUC+. Have tried to get them to work with the beat buddy as described above, but no luck. I have gone into MIDI editor in ONSONG can’t see where to put the MIDI command? I have also downloaded your file for the BlueBoard, but nothing happening. Help need please.

You don’t need to open any sort of MIDI editor, you simply edit the song (the pencil icon at the top right)

It wasn’t for the blue board, the preset was for an app called MIDI flow.

Here’s some videos I made to help you out…
Setting up an iRig Blue Board with Beat Buddy

Setting up OnSong to control Beat Buddy:

Thats pretty cool only for ipad? No other developers

Thanks for posting video. I tried everything. My BlueBoard won’t go into MIDI mode. I tried pressing C while turning on, no luck. IK Multimedia says firmware to do this is not available? THen with ONSONG I did everything you said. It changes the drum pattern, but no matter what I do I cannot get it to change the temp. I have firmware 1.7.6. I asked Beatrbuddy support for I think 1.7.7, but no reply. Very frustrating.

Go to the settings in your beat buddy and disable ‘Default Tempo’

Thanks again for you help, but still no luck. I have attached a screen shot of a test file I have in ONSONG. As I said it changes the song but not the tempo. I have the puc + connect and set to out. Maybe it is the Beatbuddy firmware 1.7.6. I might need 1.7.7? I have even reset setting on Beatbuudy and ONSONG, but still no luck.???[ATTACH=full]2199[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]2200[/ATTACH]

Thanks for this. I only have a need in onsong to select the correct mbb song in the correct mbb folder, I set tempo in each song on the mbb, so I don’t need Onsong to set the tempo . If I just remove the tempo commands in onsong edit mode (per your example) do u think it will still work for onsong to navigate to the correct song and correct starting pattern for that song? Also most of my songs start with an intro in mbb is it possible to set that intro in each song in onsong. Last question where do you get the numbers in mbb to put into the onsong command to choose the right folder and song? Thanks for clarifying and sorry if this should be obvious

Yes. But honestly, it would have been quicker just to test this for yourself than ask for answers from me. I don’t mind helping people out, but I’m not going to hold your hand.

When you press play it will work just like pressing the pedal, so it will play whatever intro you have. Again, just try it out.

Use the arrow keys on your Beat Buddy, the numbers are beside each folder and patch - just minus one from each. For example:

On the beat buddy, Blues 1 is in:
1. Blues > 1.Blues 1

This becomes the following in onsong:
MIDI: 0.0:0

Funk 3 on the Beat Buddy is
6.Funk > 3. Funk 3 - str 16ths

This becomes the following in onsong:
MIDI: 0.5:2

Still can’t get ONSONG to change tempo. ruairau is there any other setting you can think of that I might need to change in Beatbuddy or ONSONG. I have even delleted the IOS App and reset Beatbuddy to default. Nothing. Isn there anything I need to do in the PUC APP? It is funny that it changes the drum pattern, but not tempo. Again any help would be appreciated.

It could simply be you don’t have the correct firmware. Have a look under MIDI IN > Control Change (CC) and see if you can see this section. If you can’t, then you’ll need to contact support.

Well that must be it. I looked in Beatbuddy MIDI IN no CC. What firmware version do you have please? I have 1.7.6

I’m using 1.77 - I’ve updated the riginal post to correct this.

Ok that is where the problem is. Ok I’ll have to wait for support to send me the latest firmware. Thanks heaps again. You have been a great help.

Thanks Ruairiau- based on your helpful videos and threads you have answered all my questions and I have just asked support for the beta firmware and now I will order the puc+ and blue board. I did not have the 3 items needed to test and wanted to make sure they met my specific needs before buying and upgrading and is why I did not try on my own.