Volume wheel sensitivity and snap-to-unity


I’m using the volume more often now to fade in and out. There are two problems, (1) I have to roll the wheel several times to fade from unity gain to zero which means that I can’t do it in one smooth motion, and (2) the level control icon (white rectangle) doesn’t always sit directly on unity - it’s hard to quickly scroll to unity unless I really focus.

  1. Would it be possible to implement a global setting for volume scroll wheel sensitivity?
  2. Can there also be a snap-to-unity global setting which will cause the scroll wheel to stick to unity for a certain number of scroll units, until it releases again, like moving windows around on a Mac and having them snap to the edges?

This will allow me to fade with a single smooth motion and not worry about overshooting unity (which may clip, etc.).



+1 on both accounts.

Also should be a setting for scroll wheel sensitivity when scrolling songs, settings, etc…

I’d like an actual dB Value to show up somewhere, even if only temporarily while changing or while a channel is selected.

It’s hard to know exactly what the range covered by the wheel is, and 0dB, as other posters have said, is really important to know.

+1 on this, it’d be nice to be able to just have one scroll do the trick.

I’m waiting for the expression input to be activated for this reason. But yeah, this would be a great alternative option too.

I’ll suggest a related nice-to-have. I would love to be able to touch tracks in the mixer screen to select them, without having the volume control snap to where my finger is pressed.

  • First press is the selection
  • Second press, if selected, will move the slider - as it does today

Got 3.3.0. Being able to do fades with scroll wheel in a controllable (ie: musical) way is impossible.

An added sensitivity and the level of “stickyness” you are looking for when it comes to snapping to 0 would be welcome options, as would MIDI control of the volume of the selected track.

The other option is have a fade command. I don’t know if there is room for that in mixer mode … double tap/hold a switch or whatever, but if I could set on the Song page the number of seconds or measures it should take to do a complete fade of a selected track, that would be nice to just have it work more automatically. When faded, you could either unmute for return to the previous level, scroll wheel or an opposite fade up command.

I think Auto-fade is actually a pretty good feature on its own merit, not just as a workaround to this.

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I would go for that. I’ve been thinking about scrapping the idea of wheel sensitivity, to move in favor of the auto-fade approach. I’d also really like to have the ability to touch a track in the Mixer screen to select it, without changing the volume; as I mentioned earlier in the topic.

Followup thought: Suppose the gesture for fading goes something like this.

  1. Double-Press to mute on-the-measure (in the Mixer screen)
  2. Double-Press+Hold will display a fade measure counter
    2.1. The measure counter will count up while the press is held (relatively slowly), when released the track fade count will be armed
    2.2 Press again to start the fade on-the-measure
    2.3 Double-Press while armed to disarm the fade and reset
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Yeah, I was thinking overall I’d actually only want to do direct control of a fade with an External Expression pedal, leaving the Scroll Wheel do do fine level adjustments.

For Auto-Fade, which I really like in addition to direct control, your idea about dynamically setting the number of measures is a good one too.

There is another possibility which brings in the functionality of using the Wheel: Hold Mute switch in Mixer to start the Fade, but control the speed of the fade with the wheel. Auto Fade starts slowly at the moment it is activated by the Mute switch, but then small adjustments to the wheel will increase or decrease that speed. The wheel isn’t directly controlling the volume, it’s controlling the speed of the auto-fade as a multiplier. If you give the wheel a good spin downward, the fade speed should go very fast. I feel like you could do that and keep it musical without having to dedicate too much attention to it. It still has that sort of Wheel/Expression analog to it which would probably be natural “I need the fade to go a bit faster, wheel down a little bit.”.

A simple solution is some form of acceleration when the wheel is moved faster or longer (or slower when moved less).

They are now looking into all of these:

  • ±5dB snap to unity on touchscreen
  • Acceleration of wheel depending on user input speed
  • A possible sensitivity setting

We will not be implementing a change to snap to unity for the wheel for now, but if it seems it needs to be dynamic we can also look into that later on.

For these reasons I’ve tagged this as #in-dev-timeline

Thanks for your feedback!