Want to Stop/Pause BeatBuddy While Quantiloop Continues to Play

Hi, Folks

Working on Dock of the Bay where the bass intro and outro plays without drums. Is there a way to stop the BB without stoping Quantiloop?

Track 1 is the intro and Track 4 is the outro.

Hey, Gang

Happy New Year! I am still looking for an answer to this question. There are many times I want the looper to keep playing after I pause/stop the BB. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t know anything about loopers in combination with the BB, but I reckon you have the BB as the host and the looper as slave on the midi sync. Have you tried to set the looper as the host and the BB as the slave? I think the BB can be paused this way without the looper being stopped. So midi out of the looper to the midi in of the BB. Just my two cents.

I thought that the new BB firmware update was supposed to have fixed this.

Maybe he still has the old firmware?

Hey, Folks

Thanks for the replies. I actually figured out to do by reading the MIDI guide. You have to enable Mute Pause. This allows all other MIDI devices to keep playing.

Renevmind, your suggestion would also worked because when you make the BB the slave, Mute Pause is automatically enabled.

This is very cool for songs that have a breakdown in the middle of the track and you don’t want any drums playing to make the breakdown more dramatic or for songs that have an acapella breakdown. I also programmed a switch on my AirTurn Stomp 6 as the standard pause so I still have a global stop.