Wanted - Poison songs

hi everyone, this is my first request. i play in a few different tribute bands and am looking for song files for practicing purposes.

this request is specifically for songs from the band " Poison " , nothing but a good time, fallen angel, look what the cat dragged in , etc. i need to try and compile them all lol.

does any one have any they can share? i just purchased my beat buddy (not the mini) im not sure what file types to request.

Hi and welcome. There are a couple of Poison songs on the forum and you should be able to find them by searching.

Most of the posted user-created content is one-press and could include drums only, drums and bass and drums, bass and other instruments. If you aren’t interested in one-press songs, you might to state that in your request.

More information is available here: resources

AFAIK this is the only one. I’ve used it live a few times. I’d be interested in these as well.

+1 - I’d love Talk Dirty to Me.