Was very excited Now a bit disappointed

A BeatBuddy owner very impressed with pedal and support. Bough a Midi Maestro. Just learning how to use it but am very happy with it. Again support and questions quickly answer was impressive. So ordered an Aeros Loop Studio. Like the features, Expensive and takes some learning but very exciting. Discovered that loop length is limited to 2 and half minutes. From the product description I thought I would have lots of time (20 mins per song…) but apparently not. So it does not do what I want it to do, need it to do, expected it to do. Disappointing.
I will hold on to it for now hoping for future developments that lengthen loop length. 15-20 minutes+ would be nice.
So please keep at it.


Hi GPH1. Hmm… this is one that in my style of playing i couldn’t imagine hitting a 2½ minute per track limit. That’s a long time to be building up one track, then adding the next, then the next…

Have a search around on the forums though because I know it’s been mentioned a few times but I’m not sure if it’s hardware limited or can be changed via firmware.

Some appreciate creating and/or using backing tracks and layering over them. In that use case the 2.5 min. limit could be… limiting.


Of course. I can see it would be an issue doing that. As I said just check around in the forum as I’m not sure of hardware or software limitation. I’m sure some of the regulars would have the answer.

My guess is that relaxing the limit from 2.5 minutes to a larger number is doable in the software. My guess is they can bump it up some. They’ve asked what amount of time would work for most people.

Some loopers are only limited by the amount of internal/sdcard storage. This would depend on the design of the hardware to stream data to/from storage in real-time. Not sure they thought about this during the design.

For my style of playing, the 2.5 minute limit has not been an issue. For many, the concerns of the limit is worse than any real-world use that hits the limit. YMMV


They didn’t think about much during the design. What I expected was a device where I could LOAD a backing track, and then play over it. By “load” I mean I want to upload an existing .wav and then be able to loop over a section of it. I like playing blues. I like Since I’ve Been Loving You. It’s like, what, 7 minutes. So, I want to be able to upload my arrangement of it, and then loop as long as I want over the lead section. 2:30 ain’t gonna cut it. Never has, never will. Now, I know for many of you, Singular has addressed your concerns. For me, who, I would say, has given tons of content to Singular, the concerns have not been addressed. The unit has been a good door stop. I can recommend it to absolutely no one. Why? Because they are deceptive about what it can do. It does not, in my view allow 20 minutes per song. Hey, if it was one 20 minute track, 2 10 minutes tracks, etc., I could live with that. But, it’s a maximum length of 2:30, which they never disclose. If I were a lawyer, I would sue them. As it is, I’m just gonna continue to bitch until they get honest.


You’ve given heaps on these forums Phil. Many of us here seem to be bitching about issues but nothing seems to be happening.

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Keep the faith Phil. SS will eventually get it right.

If not, perhaps you can ask to return it for a refund (maybe a special return deal given your contributions).

If you preordered, you may still be in the return period as I’m not 100% sure the Aeros has delivered on the initial set of features promised … which is when the “trial” period starts. There was a paper in my box that listed the upcoming features some that are not done and some that just came out in the latest release.


Totally agree with the request for longer uninterrupted loop length. Singular’ has been saying that few people need this ability but comments here and elsewhere prove that position wrong. I’m using my RC-5 for now with 1stop ability and 1.5 hour track lengths.
One work around or “fudge” is to record a backing track from your DAW or any source, at about the 2:15 mark immediately add another part to give you a 4+ minute track, etc. up to 20 minutes or 10 for stereo. Set EOL and press the next track button before the first part is over. Then press the stop button as soon as you start the 2nd part. I’ve found the transition to be seamless and I record this in Freeform.
Bottom line is that this requires way too many foot presses.
Being able to set all of these actions after the initial start of the track would be a help, ie Play Track through with all sequential parts on Track 1, or longest track, then stop.
Seems like a pretty easy function to program. My guess is that they have programmed themselves into a corner with the early coding that is so complex that it will not allow for longer single loops without a rewrite.
I cannot play a gig with the amount of foot presses required to control the Aeros in its current state. Frankly, like a lot of us, I love the concept, recording quality input options and possibilities with it. So I’m hanging in there.
The 2.5 minute expansion, at least in my mind, should be the number one programming fix right now followed by seamless import and exporting of files.


I just discovered this device and was considering purchasing one. Although I’m not really into looping live I saw the potential of this pedal to load up a shows worth of backing tracks especially if you could put drums bass etc on each of the 6 tracks. I see that at the moment this won’t work with the 2:30 restriction. I realize that using it just for backing tracks live won’t be utilize the power of the device, but being able to control part levels with your feet, etc nto bringing a computer to the gig.

Anyway I joined the forum and this thread so I can stay updated. If they ever fix this I will purchase one. Maybe even a completely different boot mode for backing tracks???

Memory extension is our major focus right now, we are working hard to address these concerns.


Are you looking at streaming from storage?

Just hire a team of competent devs and get it over with… I don’t understand why this product was released in such a poor state. In the middle of Covid (Im at half income) I actually sold gear and stretched my budget to get this product only to find I cant use it at all. Not even at home in the studio. Just because your good at marketing the product to youtube influencers. I feel like a dope. No auto Q, can’t integrate it into my daw easily because of the crossfade. Cant use it live because it depends on a click track. I don’t use a beat buddy I use actual drums so I am the click track … sigh… I certainly can’t recommend it yet but I hope to, I’m holding on to it. I hope it polishes up.

Wanna buy my Aeros? It’s pristinely new, and in Germany. Or just buy a Boss RC-500 and be worry-free.

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Im gonna see it through. I do think that SS will make this thing awesome. I just don’t understand why they released it so early without a solid software dev team. How the hell anyone would be just happy with it as is… It’s beyond me. Hey wanna buy my half finished car for full price? I sure as hell can’t get away with that in my job. I guess im not good at woohing youtube influencers. Did anyone realize that boss and boomerang style loopers have been the standard for years so maybe you should have a type of function that is helpful to people coming from that standard? (auto Q from first loop.) Ya know, if you want to sell a looper …to people that … use loopers. If people can’t relate or work with it then… what the hell?


Totally feel the same about the product‘s unripe, unready state upon market launch, and for zillions of months to follow (story still continuing…). It‘s not cheap, and the market promises were huge (and partly deceiving back then), and yet early buyers have been serving as beta testers for way too long. Although the Aeros is promising in many ways, promise isn‘t as good as performance. So I‘ve got myself a nice, stable, totally working Boss RC-500 and will never look back to the Aeros. Want to sell the Aeros asap (in its basically unused state). Truly regret this purchase!


I suspect Singular will take down the post from Lash, but I do not disagree with his sentiments. Move to Austin. Get the heck out of S. Florida where weather affects your business. Hire some programmers who want to stick around. You got three great pieces of hardware. Get some folks to get these things running and integrated.


Yeah as Phil said, SS has developed some amazing hardware here that many of us are enjoying but the software development is starting to get a lot of people down, going right back to the BB Manager and continuing with the newer products. Money needs to be spent to get the right people in to get the software right and these products fully operational.

I understand Lash’s reaction.


I feel for the early purchasers who were ready to put the Aeros to work. It caught my eye a year ago and I finally bought one with the hopes that the basics were there but as we know they are not. It works for a lot of people but it should be flexible to work for everyone. Recording time extension, one press play back, and ability to move files back and forth from Aeros to DAW and back. Then I and many others would be pretty happy.
For now I’ll tinker with it and use my Boss RC-5 for performing.


What is the target date for the fix? We want track length to act like your competitors loopers. So it can be used for back tracking also.