We need a MIDI editor that works with BBs internal sounds ASAP

All the talk about MIDI editors is pretty much hit or miss because if you’re not hearing the correct samples when editing your grooves it’s basically useless.

What we need is a MIDI editor that work with BBs own sounds so we can hear what the final result will really sound like.

Just look at the Latin set which have a lot (+20 samples) of Conga samples.

We need a professional MIDI editor of the same sort as in the major DAWs where you can tweak the notes to your hearts content to get it just right, (Not possible in the free MIDI editor which just has quantized notes which makes it sounding very stiff and mechanically)

While waiting you could also attach the BeatBuddy as an old fashioned MIDI device to any DAW that supports MIDI.

The MIDI patterns that are mapped to the standard drum map will sounds exactly like any other song that exists in the default content, because it is the drumkits that play the patterns, not the sounds you hear in an external MIDI editor (which has its own sounds). The only exceptions are drumsets that have specialized mappings, like the Latin one.

EDIT: We are working on a new version of the BBManager that includes a MIDI editor. Send me an email at support@mybeatbuddy.com and I will give it to you (keep in mind though that it is still in the beta-testing stage, so it might have a few bugs here and there).

Simple solution.

Use your DAW to edit midi.

Send that midi out of DAW into BB via a USB / Midi cable.

Hear EXACTLY how it will sound when played on BB in a performance setting.