What Church Songs Work with which BB setting?

In an effort to help others out who play using the BB at their church, lets begin a list of songs and which BB settings we used.

  1. 10,000 Reasons…Blues 2/Rock

  2. All my days…Blues 5

  3. All The People Said Amen…Rock 13/Rock

  4. Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone…Country6/Standard

  5. Amazing Love (You Are My King)…Country7/Standard

  6. As the Deer… Pop 1/Standard

  7. Ascribe Greatness…Blues 2/Standard

  8. Away In A Manger…3/4 Time (User Submitted)/Jazz

  9. Awesome Is The Lord Most High…Country 6/standard

  10. Battle Hymn Of The Republic…Marching 1/Standard

  11. Because He Lives…Blues1/Jazz

  12. Be The Centre…Country 6/Standard

  13. Blessed Be The Name (Hymn)…Country 6/Rock

  14. Blessed Be Your Name…Blues 2/Metal

  15. Break Every Chain…Blues2/Rock

  16. Build Your Kingdom Here…Techno 1/Rock or Techno 4/Rock.

  17. Christmas Offering by Paul Baloche…Country 5

  18. Come All Ye Faithful…(User Submitted)/Standard

  19. Come Let US Adore Him…(User Submitted)/Standard

  20. Come Bless The Lord All Ye Servants of The Lord…Country 1

  21. Come Now Is The Time To Worship…Pop 6/Standard

  22. Come On Ring Those Bells…Techno1/Dance

  23. Come People of The Risen King…Brushes 10/Spanish Rumba

  24. Cornerstone…Funk 4/Brushes

  25. Desert Song…Blues 1/Latin

  26. Forever Reign…Brushes 1

  27. From The Day…Techno 1/Rock

  28. From the highest of heights (Indescribable)…Blues 7- 6/8

  29. Glorious Day (Casting Crowns)…Verse Rock 7a, Chorus Rock 4b

  30. Glory To His Name…Blues2/Standard

  31. Glory To The Lamb…Brushes1/Brushes

  32. God of Glory…country 8, blues 2, brushes 1 or brushes 8/Standard.

  33. God of Wonders…Rock 8/Rock

  34. God You Reign…Pop 8 or Pop 10

  35. Go Tell It On The Mountain…Simple(user submitted)/Standard

  36. Great Are You Lord…Odd 6/8/Rock

  37. Greater (Mercy Me)…Techno1/Standard

  38. Halleluja Your Love Is Amazing…Oldies 3-4/Standard

  39. Hark The Herald Angels Sing…Brushes 3/Brushes

  40. Healer…Blues1/Brushes

  41. He Has Made Me Glad…Techno1/Standard

  42. Hello My Name Is…Country 6/Rock

  43. Here With Me…Blues 2/metal

  44. Hosanna Praise Is Rising…Techno 4/Standard

  45. Holy Holy Holy…Pop8/Standard

  46. Holy Night…Marching 9

  47. How Great Is Our God…Brushes 1/Brushes

  48. How Great Thou Art…Brushes1/brushes

  49. How Marvelous (Hymn)…Blues 1/Standard

  50. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever…Pop8/Rock

  51. I Give You My Heart…Funk 4/Brushes

  52. I’ll Fly Away (hymn)…Blues 1/Standard

  53. In The Secret…Funk 2/Rock (I switched part 1 and 2)

  54. I Saw The Light…Country 8/Standard

  55. I Will Rise…Country 6/Latin

  56. Jesus, Lamb of God (You Are My Strength)…Oldie 4

  57. Jesus Love Me (Tomlin)…Country8/Standard

  58. Jesus Messiah…Pop 6-8/Brushes

  59. Joy To The World…Brushes 3/Brushes or Blues 1/Standard

  60. Keep Making Me…funk 3/brushes

  61. Lord I Come Before Your Throne of Grace…Blues 2

  62. Mighty To Save…Oldies 1-4/Latin

  63. My hope is built (Cornerstone)…Funk 4/Brushes

  64. Not By Might (Robin Mark) Pop 4/Standard

  65. Praise Him Praise Him 100 BPM - Mainly Blues 7

  66. Oh How I Need You…Blues 2/Latin

  67. One Thing Remains…Pop 6 8ths/Standard

  68. Open The Eyes Of My Heart…Techno5/Dance

  69. Our God…Country 2B/Rock (Beat Submitted by Psalm 40)

  70. Our God Saves…Blues2/Rock

  71. Shine Jesus Shine…Country 6/Rock

  72. Shout To The Lord…Blues2/Metal

  73. Silent Night (4/4 time)…Blues2/Brushes

  74. Sing The Wondrous Love Of Jesus…Blues 2/Standard

  75. Sing to the King…Rock 4

  76. Take My Life (Third Day)…Brushes 1/Brushes

  77. Take us to the river (Robin Mark)…Blues 1

  78. The Name Of The Lord (Strong Tower)…Pop6/Standard

  79. The Only Name (Yours Will Be)…Blues 2/Rock

  80. There Is Power In The Blood…Blues1/Standard

  81. This Is Amazing Grace…Country 8 or Techno1/Rock

  82. Trading My Sorrows…Rock 1/ Rock

  83. We Believe (Graham Kendrick)…Pop 7/Standard

  84. We Believe…Blues2/Standard

  85. We Bow Down…OddTime11/Latin

  86. We Fall Down…Country2/Rock

  87. What A Mighty God We Serve…Oldies 1-4/Standard

  88. When my heart is overwhelmed (God my Rock) 93 BPM - Blues 1

  89. When I was lost (Kate Simmons)…Verse Blues 1a, Chorus Blues 2b

  90. Where I Belong…Country 6/Latin

  91. Who am I (Friend of God)…Techno 3

  92. You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)…Techno 1/Standard

  93. You Are My King (Amazing Love)…Country 7

  94. Your love is amazing (Hallelujah) 95 BPM - Funk 3- str 16ths

  95. You Are Good…Rock 4



I will let you know as I go. Have not used it yet with the praise team. Will definitely keep you posted.

I debuted mine last Sunday with an original. You can hear it at the end of the video in my sig. I don’t see the BB getting any regular use until I have the software available to tweak the beats and set up playlists. The intros in particular aren’t very useful for my team, and the pause workaround is only good for one song at a time.

I’ve got some for Cowboy Church. But BB is not usable for performance on my part until I can kill the intros and outros.

I’d suggest trying Blues 2 or Country 6 which are very basic 4/4 beats and work with many many many songs.

Well I am going to try the Beat Buddy on most of the songs when we practice on Friday, if all goes well I may do some on Sunday and if I can figure out how to set up a ‘playlist’ without the software we may do a whole service with it…but it depends how well practice goes. Using it on my own has been great fun. These are the songs for Sunday:

  1. Come people of the risen king - Brushes 10- Spanish Rumba 100bpm
  2. Come bless the Lord al ye servants of the Lord - Country 1 130bpm
  3. 10000 Reasons - Blues 2 73bpm
  4. Cornerstone - Funk 4 using Brushes 75bpm
  5. Mighty to save - Funk 4 using Brushes 75bpm
  6. This is my desire - Funk 4 using Brushes 75bpm
  7. All my days - Blues 5 84bpm

Well I have managed to do a playlist - still need to change tempos and drumkits manually, but here is my config file and it works :smiley:

514D883A.BBS,1. Spanish 3/4 beat- brushes
F2C7A519.BBS,2. Country 1- Shuffle
07E0BFAA.BBS,3. Blues 2
BFB0B032.BBS,4. Funk 4- str 16ths
C1990563.BBS,5. Blues 5- 6/8

Check Making Your “My Folder” which is how to put the existing BB songs into a set folder without mgr software. You can step through them in the order you create but the default tempo will come up.

It’s tricky but you can also start and stop BB without the intro and extro.

Wow, nice job, sir! Did you know after you’ve figured that out, you can actually rename files to have normal names? So your config could look like
Spanish3.OMG,1. Spanish 3/4 beat- brushes
Country1.WTF,2. Country 1- Shuffle
Blues2.BBQ,3. Blues 2
Funk4.LOL,4. Funk 4- str 16ths
Blues5.FTW,5. Blues 5- 6/8

That way you would easily determine files on your SD card at a glance :slight_smile:
But make sure a file name length is no more than 8.3 - up to 8 symbols for a filename, 3 for extension!

Step second: is to rename BeatBuddy display name to whichever you like. No matter what you’ll write after the comma in these strings will be shown on BB display as a song name!

Have a nice hacking while you wait for manager software!!! :slight_smile:

[Edit] I’ll do my best to try checking if using a hex editor will help you easily change the tempo.

Looks like it is now possible to change tempo and drumset very easily using the hex editor!!!

The file is little-endian. All string values are zero-terminated (must end with a 0x00).

The tempo is 4 bytes starting at offset 0x174. (acceptable range 0x28-0x12C)

The drumset is slightly more difficult, as it looks like it consists from 2 different parts:
a default drumset filename at offset 0x180,
and it’s name at offset 0x98 (probably it’s only for manager software).

You’ll need to go to DRUMSET directory, and parse the CONFIG.CFG there.
Find your new desired drumset (let’s say it would be 01A3DBCD.DRM,3. Metal).
You need to place “01A3DBCD.DRM” as filename, and “Metal” as drum set name, but please note, that you must not add bytes to the file while doing this - only edit (so that filesize won’t get changed!).

I’ll look if I can find some time to make an easy BeatBuddy “trainer” utility program to do this stuff automatically.

Deafecator can you copy this hack example over to Tip n Tricks under Making Your " My Folder"

I’ll rather it dust here, as it is completely unofficial, and can cause much more harm than good. It’s not a good suggestion at all :slight_smile:

But it works, I can’t believe it! I have a playlist with tempo changes and kit changes, thanks ever so much for pointing me in the right direction. :mrgreen:
As you explained, tempo is the easy part which is just the decimal in hex in offset 0x174. I changed the kit in offset 0x98 and also the name of the .DRM file in 0x180. I have never played around with a hex editor before, but it was fun especially as the BB now works as I’d hoped. Hopefully though I wont need to do it again.

I haven’t worked too hard on these, cause I won’t perform with BB till the Mgr Software is out.

1, I Found Jesus On The Jailhouse Floor. Country 6…195
2. Somewhere Between Jesus And John Wayne. Blues 2…145
3. Rodeo Preacher. Blues 1…170
4, Wings Of A Dove. Waltz…145
5. Long Black Train. Blues 1…150
6. Why Me Lord. Waltz…145
7. A Bible And A Belt. Country 6…140
8. Seven Sundays In A Row. Country 6…135

Last night we had a very good practice and the BeatBuddy did exactly what I had hoped. We all played to it and it sounded great, I just wish I’d asked someone to video the session. My only concern now is using it during the service as people may get distracted wondering where the drummer is, as there is no one playing the drums but they can hear one :stuck_out_tongue: should I introduce the beat buddy to the congregation? or have a person learning drums sit on the kit and bash the pads (it is an electric kit) with the sound off?
I only made one mistake while controlling it, so I am happy to use it tomorrow eve for most of the songs, one is a hymn so we will keep that one traditional and piano led.

Good job. I’ve used a drum machine for years with no questions.

Hi folks,
Please keep these GREAT suggestions coming.
I’m a worship leader; Often I lead solo, and when I get my BB, it will certainly be laying down the beat at a few churches in my area, as well as my solo gigs.

It’s very encouraging to know that there are some presets which will work for commonly used songs.

thanks and keep it coming!

Do you know what the presets are?

Have a look at the following thread viewtopic.php?f=12&t=47

been a bit since I’ve checked in. Im glad to see some of you are contributing to this thread. as soon as mine comes I will contribute as well.
I notice several comments how the BB intros and outros are problematic for church service…what is the issue?


i don’t have mine yet, but my impression of the intros specifically, is that they’re very busy and flashy.
Another thing is that many worship songs might flow one to the other, or you might start a song with just one instrument and want the drums just to come in right at the chorus or something. If you have a busy intro, then you can use that to just lead in to the chorus.
So the intros might work in some situations, but not in all.

Take a listen to Psalm40s demo. You’ll get the idea.


Had a bit of a mishap during this mornings service. We were playing “Friend of God” using Techno 3 with the original dance kit @ 120bpm. I then stopped the BB and linked into “What a friend we have in Jesus” (all well so far). After that we had a time of prayer followed by “My hope is built on nothing less” (as per my video demo), I was debating whether to play the song without the BB but as the congregation sang louder and the intensity increased I decided to start the BB. Suddenly there was a thump, thump, thump followed by the takatakataka of the dance snare drum filled the room, I had forgotten to move the BB to the next song oops :oops:, it was soon stopped by pausing the unit. I just hope it did not cause to much of a distraction.

We also played “Your love is amazing” using Funk 3 @ 95bpm, this was a new song to the congregation but quite a few knew it anyways. After the service my wife mentioned that there was a funny error on the projected lyrics, one of the choruses had “Your love makes me sin” instead of “sing” :roll:

The passage “…we have this treasure in jars of clay…” springs to mind.