What do you want to see in a revised bbm? ... new features only

So, I think, considering it’s been FOREVER that we’ve seen a revision of BBM, I figured I would be the troublemaker with this thread. Remember, this is for the MANAGER only. AND NEW IDEAS ONLY . And continue the numbering just to see how many we come up with. Hopefully someone is reading these (Anthony?)

I’ll start

  1. fast forward/pause/rewind
  2. midi ID travels with the song
  3. full adjustable pane size/ font size on bbm display…I’d like to see the ENTIRE song/kit name
  4. get rid of the workspace concept…it’s dopey and doesn’t work well anyway
  1. Make quantising selectable INSIDE the loop editing section not as a precursor to opening the editor.

  2. Drag and drop notes in the loop editing section

  3. Add/ Remove bars and/or notes in the loop editing section


These are all really incredible ideas, we are taking notice of this thread. It’s definitely important to receive ideas and feedback from everyone to see what needs to be met with any future revisions of the BBManager. Keep 'em coming. :slight_smile:


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Nested folders.
Ability to sort and find songs by folder, title and drum kit.
Drum kit volume control PER SONG.
Real time speed control (probably via midi).
Ability to copy and paste drum kit instruments.


Love them ALL. Especially nested folders… while we’re at it… why is the folder size limited to 99? From a coding processor POV, I understand 64 or 128 or 256. But 99? Same thing with drum kit size…100mb makes no sense at all.


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Also, multiple tempos per song. Ability to change time signature within a song to accommodate measures with differing numbers of beats. Allow for pickup measures with less than a full number of beats.

And I’m sure I’ll remember more things.


As much control over volume levels as possible. Songs, kits, instruments within kits, playback control so I don’t have to listen to the entire song to hear the end. I’ll remember more too.

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We’ve been asking for playback control FOREVER. I’m sick of having to listen to the entire song when trying to edit a note or two.



Yes yes yes!

Cmon other users… we know you’re out there. What do you want??

Proper placement by BBM of the drum kit waves within the correct Workspace folder. Presently, they go all over the hard drive, into locations where they do not belong. This make finding a wav very difficult, and can result in BB crashes if the non BBM folder where the waves were improperly placed, is deleted. Folders are being nested several hundred folders deep by BBM at times. This is a very large fault.


Yep… you and I and Persist have talked about this one a lot. It all goes back to that workspace concept. Directory structure is very messed up.

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When opening BBM give the choice to open the last open project or to open a different project from a list of other projects available.

I have sort of a work around to open a project of my choice, but I’d rather the choice be made when opening BBM.

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Want to be able to create customised accent hits in bbm
Want to be able to drag n drop beats that have been put on wrong drum set line eg put snare beat in wrong spot
Also want to be able to highlight & delete/shift entire section of the beat that is incorrect
Everything else is fine just these would help speed up creating my own beats
Cheers guys

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The ability to control the overall volume of a track. For example, most tracks are perfect, but I have a beat that I created where it’s just the kick and hats and the overall volume is less than other tracks so I need to adjust the mixer between songs which is a pain. If you had an overall volume parameter for each song, that would be awesome. That’s my only request. Everything else is great!

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The entire midi editor needs a re-work. It’s kludgy and difficult to use.

Use the standardized GM set please. That would make it possible to create groov3s in a better midi editor, import them, and still have them sound the same.


The midi editor needs to be removed, and replaced with a proper DAW thz5 allows for midi editing, and recording of wavs that could be used as accent hits or drum kit wavs, There has to be some third party DAW developed that would jump at the chance of bundling an entry level DAW with potential to upgrading to their full version. ANYTHING would be better than the current built-in crippled midi editor.


I think the idea of having a built in editor for those last minute minor tweaks is fine Phil, it just needs to be given some basic “DAW” like MIDI operations is all.

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  • Ability to play .wav files
  • and/or use the ASDR system. That is, ATTACK, Sustain, Decay, Release for real synth sounds. I mostly use my Beat Buddy for upright bass backing tracks, and without the ASDR system the bass does not sound as good, so that’s why I have to use .wav files.

I know the Beat Buddy is a perfromance tool, and I love that, but for me I use more backing tracks. It’d be great to have the ability to use the Beat Buddy as a performance tool that I can trigger songs sections on the fly AND have the abilty to play my .wav backing tracks.

I currently use the DigiTech JamMan solo XT for my backing tracks. It’s fine, but it’s display only has numbers and is nothing close to as good as the Beat Buddy screen that enables me to put in song titles. Furthermore, I like that the Beat Buddy has the midi sync capabilities for looping etc.

Overall, I would rather use my Beat Buddy than the JamMan XT, but I can’t because I mostly use .wav files. I also think the Beat Buddy has a way better community support system and I really just like the Beat Buddy better. Especially, thanks to @Phil_Flood for being super helpful!!! He taught me how to convert my midi files to the Beat Buddy compatible files.