What songs are you playing with BB & their settings ?

As this board grows , post your song list & settings
you’ve found useful for others to try & share !.. :sunglasses:

Rock 1 is a pretty “meat & potatoes” rock groove. I was just playing rockin in the free world with that one.

From my songlist so far: (a work in progress, and subject to change - suggestions always welcome)

All Along The Watchtower - Oldies 2 - 105 BPM
All The Small Things - Punk 1 - 164 BPM
Banditos - Rock 5 - 160 BPM (start with part 2)
Band On The Run (2nd half only) - Brushes 1 - 130 BPM
Basket Case - Punk 1 - 172 BPM
Blister In The Sun - Pop 2 16ths - 94 BPM
Can’t You See - Brushes 8 - 80 BPM
Copperhead Road - Pop 11 16ths - 84 BPM
Dance Hall Days - Pop 4 - 100 BPM
Diamonds On The Inside - Brushes 1- Str 8 92 BPM
Folsom Prison Blues - Country 2- Train 200 BPM
Hard To Handle - Rock 13 - 104 BPM
Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Country 6 (brushes kit) - 116 BPM
Ho Hey! - Rock 9 - 82 (79 actual) BPM
Hotel Illness - Brushes 8 str 8 - 126 BPM
Hurts So Good - Pop 8 8ths - 130 BPM
I Melt With You - Rock 1 - (Standard kit) 155 BPM
Jealous Again - Brushes 8 str 8 - 115 BPM
Lay Down Sally - Country 2- Train 177 BPM
Low - Pop 2 - 92 BPM
Mary Jane’s Last Dance - Blues 2 - 87 BPM
Oh! Pretty Woman - Oldies 2 - 124 BPM
Pink Houses - Blues 2 (Brushes kit) - 118 BPM
Purple Rain - Blues 2 - 61 BPM
Rocket Man - Rock 1 (Brushes kit) 72 (68 actual) BPM
Shake Your Booty - Pop 2 16ths - 109 BPM
Simple Man - Rock 1 - 64 BPM
Steal My Kisses - Pop 7 - Antipated 1 103 BPM
Sweet Home Alabama - Blues 2 - 101 BPM
The Joker - Blues 2 - 80 BPM
The Weight - Brushes 1 - 78 BPM
Tush - Country 4 Shuffle - 154 BPM
What I Got - Funk 7- 100 BPM
You Can’t Always Get What You Want - Blues 2 (Brushes kit) 82 BPM
You Wreck Me - Rock 1 (standard kit) - 160 BPM

Note: Some of these REQUIRE a footswitch for the breaks. :geek:
I’m updating here as I go.

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Thanks for your list C.Granger.
I haven’t received my Beat Buddy yet but tracking says I’ll get today or tomorrow.
I did notice however that there are quite a few songs from your list that are on my set list also, so your pick of beats to match to songs will be a great help.
After I’ve played with my BB for a while, I’ll throw up a few of my own on a list.

Played some All Along the Watchtower with Rock 8 and during the second part Another One Bites the Dust fit pretty good.

@Scudd. I played All along the watchtower using Oldies2. It is the beat On Snare. It feels just like U2’s version of Watchtower on the album Rattle & Hum.

Sweet Jesus! I need to check that out! Thanks for the tip!

“All Along The Watchtower” is one we do on occasion. Adding it back. :smiley:

Oldies 2 - 105 BPM (but changed to Rock drum kit) (where is the horns emoticon?) \m/

p.s. Speed it up, and it can be used for “Oh! Pretty Woman” too.

You’re absolutely right. It sounds great. :smiley:

I see that you have updated your list. I wonder if Daefecator can get your list set as a stickie :sunglasses: . It would be a great resource to everyone. Good job so far. When I come up with new ones I’ll let you know!!!

Thank you! Look forward to seeing your discoveries as well. \m/

I’m getting ready for a show tonight, so updating list as I go, as well as having a backup. :wink: I’m fine with it being used anyway needed. The tempos are mine, based on how we perform the songs. I checked a few on YouTube as well, but nothing is precise. Now you can see why I’m so anxious to get the software!

My buddy (Tracey) and I have been playing acoustic for about 4 years now. I’m super excited. My first instrument was drums (drum line in high school, then onto a full kit, but stopped when I started playing guitar). I can play basic stuff like AC/DC, etc. but I don’t practice. So tonight I’ll actually be the pseudo drummer, along with vocals, guitar, and harmonica (on 2 songs). I’m taking a digital modeling amp as well (I’m not saying what brand, because for an amp builder like myself, it’s sort of blasphemous), so we’ll in essence be a full band.

Now to get our money up… :roll:

Have a good show tonight! Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m sure it will be quite interesting. I haven’t been this excited about an “acoustic” show in a long time. :lol:

I’ve found that if I mess with the tempo I can get quite a few of the beats to work with different songs. I haven’t gone through a ton so usually just used the 1st sample of most of the types. What is cool is to use ones that you wouldn’t really expect to go with the “real” song but when you adjust the tempo right, work pretty well. I play acoustic guitar with mine, but one example I figured out so far is:

White Stripes “7 Nation Army” - Tango (in world beats)

(also I adjusted tempo, I think 105-110 maybe, to fit my rhythm. Don’t remember exactly what bpm).

I was like, lets see what tango sounds like and then I was like hmm, I bet I can get that to fit 7 nation. As I stated in another thread techno is pretty cool for much stuff with tempo adjustments. Probably because it’s a simple beat.

Cage the Elephant “No Rest for the Wicked” - Funk1 works, I used 83 bpm.

Would have to adjust tempo depending on how my singer liked it.

The hold the transition as long as you need it while changing between parts 1/2 (and back) feature is sweet. This thing is very user friendly for the most part.

Couple more…(bpms are my guess just messing around, adjust to your flavor)

Lorde Royals - HipHop1, 86 bpm (default I think)
Incubus Drive - HipHop10, 85 bpm (again default I think)

Probably lots of possible beats for these songs would work though…

If anyone can figure out a beat for Toadies Possum Kingdom (the verses) I would be amazed. I think it’s too off beat to find anything on the stock beats.

Haven’t tried too many yet but the reggae beats I suspect will fit tons of sublime…

I’m guessing the Toadies song is going to take programming since verse is a measure of 7/4, then two measures 4/4. Maybe a MIDI file already exist somewhere?

I was thinking the same thing about Sublime while listening to reggae… The Police too!

Pump it Up - Blues 2 - 125 bpm

I hang on the transition for a couple of measures - this thing is a lot of fun.

Thanks for the list and the settings!

Okay some more tunes to suit beats:

Proud Mary - CCR - Blues 2 - 124 Bpm
Lonely Boy - The Black Keys - Country 6 (Brushes Kit) - 160 Bpm
Valerie - The Zutons - Blues 1 (Brushes Kit) - 94 Bpm
Wagon Wheel (Country Tune) - Country 1 - 130 Bpm
Rocking in the Free World - Neil Young - Country 6 (Rock Kit) - 128 Bpm
Dancing in the Moonlight - Thin Lizzy - Country 1 - 130 Bpm
Down Under - Men at Work - Blues 2 - 106 Bpm

That’s all for now. I’ll have a play with some more tomorrow and put them up then.

Okay, so the list is growing of songs form our set list that I have paired to the Beat Buddy Beats. Hope you enjoy. These are the settings that I think work quite well:

Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus - Country 6 – 126 Bpm
All Along the Watchtower - U2 Version - Oldies2 (Rock Kit) - 105 Bpm
Bad Moon Rising - CCR - Country 2 – 170 Bpm
Blister in the Sun - Pop2 16ths - 94 Bpm
Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Deep Blue Something - Pop 6 – 110 Bpm
Brewing up a Storm – The Stunning - Blues 2 – 154 Bpm
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison - Blues 1 – 144 Bpm
Budapest – George Ezra - Blues 2 (Brushes Kit) – 128 Bpm
Dancing in the Moonlight – Thin Lizzy - Country 1 – 130 Bpm
Down Under – Men at Work - Blues 2 – 106 Bpm
Everybody Needs Somebody to love – The Blues Bros. - Blues 1 (Brushes Kit) – 196 pm
La Bamba - Country 2 – 155 Bpm
Learning to Fly – Tom Petty - Blues 1 – Bpm 117
Lonely Boy - The Black Keys -Country 2 (Brushes Kit) 170 Bpm
No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley - Brushes 3 – 134 Bpm
Proud Mary - CCR - Blues 2 – 124Bpm
Rocking in the Free World - Country 6 (Rock Kit)– 128 Bpm
Sit Down – James - Country 1 – 130 Bpm
Stuck in the Middle with you - Country 6 (Brushes Kit) - 121 Bpm
Three Little Birds – Bob Marley - Reggae 7 – 70 Bpm
Valerie - The Zutons - Blues 1 (Brushes Kit) – 94 Bpm
Wagon Wheel - Country tune - Country 1 – 130 Bpm

This list is still a work in progress, so I will add to it as I go. Hope some of you find it useful.

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