What to do with the different file-types that comes with a songfile

Hello BeatBuddy enthusiasts.

Since a few weeks I also own a BeatBuddy. It takes some getting used to but I am very enthusiastic about the BeatBuddy!

After creating my own set list using the standard songs and drum sets, I now like to add other drumsets and songs. However, I don’t understand what to do with the different file types that come with a songfile. After unzip, do I have to save ALL file types on my Windows laptop? Then copy ALL file types to the SD card? And then import just the ‘sng-files’ into BBM? And what to do if the song in question has a second ‘sng file’, or midi files or tambourine samples?

It’s a further voyage of discovery for me, but as I said I’m very enthusiastic about the BeatBuddy and about the friendly and knowledgeable help in the forum. Thank you in advance for your help! Kind regards, Roel

Welcome to the forum. The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) must be used to manage all BeatBuddy (BB) data. Best to not use your computer operating system to try to manipulate the files used by the BBM and the BB. Here’s a break-out of what’s what:
.sng = song files
.drm = drum sets
.pbf = folders for genre, setlist and etc
.bbt = project

The BBM is the app that you always use to get the content from your computer onto your SD card. Use the computer internal SD slot reader and if you don’t have one, it’s probably money well-spent to buy an external USB SD slot reader.

Follow the steps in the BB user quick start guide and user manual resources to walk you through the process. In a nutshell:

  • Download and unzip content to your computer
  • BBM - File - Import - Song to import single beats or songs (usually premium content or user-created content)
  • BBM - File - Import - Folder to import - a folder of songs or beats
  • BBM - File - Import - Drum set; this is a two-step process as you will also have to activate the drum set
  • BBM - File - Export - Project to your SD card

One of the few times you’ll use your computer OS is to copy firmware update files to your SD card.

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Thank you Persist, and thanks for your quick response! I really appreciate it.

No, I don’t intend to manipulate the contents of the files on the computer.

I have already saved default drum sets in a set list via the SD slot in the laptop. However, if you want to add another drum set or song to your BeatBuddy, I don’t understand what to do with the various files after you unzip them. If I understand correctly you copy a sng file via ‘import song’ to the BBM and then to the SD card. But that’s just the sng file. What do you do with the other files (such as a second ‘sng file’, or midi files or tambourine samples?) that were in the zip package of the song file in question?

Midi files, when provided by users, are there for you to edit, should you not like the way they did the song. Samples, when provided, are for you use should you want to add them to a drum kit. There may be times when a users suggests you add a sample to a drum kit. If you run into one of those situations, ask for help, as it may not be very clear. Essentially, extras beyond a .drm file or an .sng file, are there for your further exploration should you decide to get into the nuts and bolts of song creation.

Thank you for the additional information Phil!

It’s clear to me now. I want to thank you and Persist very much for your quick response and help!! I really appreciate.
Kind regards, Roel

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In addition to what Phil_Flood has said, the default content drum sets now include tambourine and cowbell (some of the earlier drum sets did not). It sounds like the zip file included tambourine and maybe some other samples intended for some of those earlier kits. If you are using the drum sets from the v2.1 default content, you can probably just disregard those samples until you’re ready to try exploring as Phil mentions.

Thanks for your additional information Persist!

Kind regards, Roel.

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