Where can I download the latest documentation for BeatBuddy MIDI CC documentation

Above is the latest one I can find.

I’m trying to program the MIDI Maestro to control Beatbuddy. I can’t get the following to work:

  • Unpause
  • Go to Next Part or any part, it just keep playing the transition
  • To start paying Part 1 without playing the intro
  • In/Out folder
  • Scroll Up and Scroll Down

Please help.


Hi Robin welcome to the forum

The BB’s midi command lists is in this spreadsheet


However when I use the Maestro app to program to start a part by sending 2 CC messages:
CC-113 <Part#>
CC-113 0

It will not stop the transition.

Any advice?


I don’t actually have a maestro so I can’t be definitive in my suggestions and you’ll have to take my words with a pinch of salt.

Is the transition cancel command being sent when the song is actually in the transition? Perhaps you’re sending it too early.

If it’s for a particular song you could edit the song in BBM to remove the transition part. Then when the transition occurs it will change directly to the next part.

I think so too that the messages are too close.

But there is no way in the Maestro editor to set any delay between messages :frowning:

Could you try by assigning the cancel to a separate button just to see if works?

It will work, as now, it works when i press the same button again.

The first press, the 1 and 0 is send too near so it does not stop the transition.
The second press, the 0 stops the transition.

So need a way to specify a interval between the 1 and 0. Otherwise, will have to press the button again to stop it, or do quick double press of the button…but that’s no good.

Hello, @Robin_Choo!

The MM supports sending some of the commands on button press, and others on button release, so that’ll do what you expect it to do. We’re working the functionality into the app, and expect to submit it to the Play Store next week (Google’s taking notoriouisly long to approve things, though).

There is no way to specify a delay between messages – not as of yet, but I’ve jotted it down as a proposal so we can look into it: it sounds like an exciting idea, we just need to see if and how we can work it in.

Hello, @Robin_Choo

i am using OnSong to control my BeatBuddy. OnSong has a Delay Function. Without the Delay between CC113 n and CC113 0 it doesn’t work.
I don’t have an AERO. As a workaround: Can’t you send between the two CC113 a dummy Command to an unused MIDI Channel ? to create a Delay?

regards Matze

Great. thks.

Will try that. thks.

Just tried, does not work even with 2 dummy messages in between. May need to insert a lot. Guess will wait for the update on the App to sent the 0 on the button release.

Thanks anyway.