Where do I find drum sets?

Where does on download or get your recommended drum kits?

Most of them are here:

If you can’t find a kt there, look here:

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Thank you Phil!

Asking one more question. On the drum kits that have instruments included - How is the sound played?
Is it via the BB or through some other type of midi connection?

Through the BB. A BB “drumkit” is a collection of up to 128 wav file samples that function like a midi drum kit, in that they are triggered when a midi note value from 0 to 127 is selected. BB .sng files contain the midi commands. The BB acts as the “Sampler” and plays the sample when they are triggered by the .sng. Both the .sng files and the drumkits get stored onto the SD card that goes into the BB, so the BB is the self contained mid sequencer and sampler.

Wow - That clears up a lot for me.
If I understand correctly - when a drum set has - say a bass - then somewhere there is a wav file or a midi file stored in a folder that gets loaded with the song file or is it loaded with the drumkit? You state that these sounds are loaded on the BB SD card? Can they be tested and loaded in the BB Manager and then loaded to the card. I know that you have answered these questions a million times - at least from what I see on the Forum - I- think I found a sort of tutorial for creating kits - is there a better one?

7 Editing a Drumkit.pdf (dropbox.com)

Again thanks for your rapid responses

When you load BB Manager onto your computer, you are prompted to create a BB Workspace folder. This is a system folder for the BB, and it is where BB Manager stores files. But you can’t really look at it and see what’s there, because it all gets encoded with hexadecimal file names. BB Manager will store a list of your drumkits and that is where they get accessed from. Look at the manuals for the BB. And yes, that tutorial is still about the best thing.

Also when I referenced the “128 wav file samples” above, that is really 128 wav file sample sets, as each set can have multiple samples, like a kick drum with various velocities. This will become clear when you look at a kit in BB Manager. However, most of us enter melodic instruments with just one sample per note, because the BB has a hardware limitation of 100mb total for the samples in a drumkit.

Again - Thank you Phil. Do I need to ask you for NP Standard Pro Bass Kit - it seems to lead me to a message set saying that this is the process