Where is the standard BB Accent Hit (Cymbal Crash) in the Midi Maestro - Beatbuddy Mode?

Ok so I broke down and went for the SS trifecta and purchased the Midi Maestro to work with my BB and Aeros. I did try and search on this before asking but maybe still a newb question…

The standard Beatbuddy Mode has a bunch of “accent” options - cool, but WHY is there not the standard Beatbuddy “Accent Hit” (cymbal crash sound)? Wouldn’t that have a been a no-brainer to keep as a standard command?

BTW…I’m still using the BB Footswitch but its plugged in to the MM Extension Pedal port so its in MM navigation mode and I don’t have the standard actions I would with BB where one button is Pause BB and the other is Accent Hit.

You need to make a custom mode and add the accent cc110
But I agree with you.
But they working on a new update coming soon, I hope they change a kind of features

I would prefer that they leave the Beatbuddy mode as is. It gives you five different accent sounds that are not normally available with just the foot switch. I don’t want one of those sounds taken away to just to give us something that’s already available on the foot switch.
I keep my foot switch plugged into Beatbuddy. That way I have all five MIDI Maestro accents AND crash cymbal and pause with the foot switch. If I decide to use the MM extension port, I’ll buy another foot switch, and have that plugged in, as well.

Reminder you can always create a template based on the BB mode and alter it any way you want! We likely will not be changing the default modes anytime soon

Correct this will activate the sound set as the accent hit!

@BrennanSingularSound, can you explain how to create a template using the BeatBuddy Mode? I had heard of this before and tried to find the option of “saving” or “copying” the BestBuddy Mode big to no avail.


When you create a Custom Mode in the My Custom Mode page (press the blue plus sign to create a new mode) select the BeatBuddy option in the pop-up that comes on screen right after.

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Hey why would the accent hit tambourine on my midi Maestro quit working? It was barley audible when i got it now its gone!?!

Not sure what happened there but I saw Phil Flood answered you elsewhere I would follow these steps: