Where's Ballad 1?

Hi guys,
so I just got my BB, and wanted to kick off with a Pearl Jam song “Black”

The songmatching tool tells me I should dial in Beat Buddy: Ballad 1… but I can not find the song on my BB, I have a folder called Ballad-Mini, which contains Ballad 2, 3, 6, 8 & 13.
No Ballad 1. It just doesn’t maken sense to me.

Any thoughts on whats going on here?


You are correct in the default BB there is no Ballad 1 it should have been listed as premium, but the Ballad 2 will work.


Hi Elrado,

What songmatching tool you mean? It sound very interesting…


Eureka, I’ve got it… http://songmatcher.singularsound.com
My life will be much simple now :wink:

And sometimes it’s as simple as searching the forum using “ballad 1”