White screen after the first 30 min try

Hi !

I just got my BB today, finally ! I opened it up, did everything right, plug headphones and footswitch BB and listened the freetracks inside the SD.

Everything was working for around 30 min and suddently, while I was loading “16ths Funk” of David’s beat folder, the screen turned completely white, and I couldn’t do anything anymore.

So I powered it off, wait a while and powered it on … but nothing, black screen …

I’ve tried to reset the SD card and upload the new firmware … but nothing turns on !

Do you have ideas ? Please, can you help me ?

Thanks a lot,

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Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Usually this happens during a firmware update but not when a user is trying to switch to a different beat. Although you’re more than likely going to have to contact Support, at least try this fix to see if it solves the problem.

If it does not restore power to your pedal, contact Support, support@singularsound.com

Thanks for the answer…

Unfortunaty, we already tried this, but it’s still same :confused:

We’re calling Support, but it’s already on a phone call and we sent an email …
Maybe you have other ideas …
Thanks in advance,

Only other thing I can think of is that you might have formatted the card to something other than MS-DOS (32 FAT)?

We’ve did exactly the tutorial you sent us earlier … so, we saved the SD card data before doing anything and then we applied everything it was written.
We’ve just checked and the SD card is formated under FAT32 :confused:

Sorry to hear you’ve had this issue. I see you’ve already reached out to support, please wait for them to assist you, thank you.

@tcamus Please check your email, I have responded to you yesterday. Check spam just in case my response went there.