Why are measure lines for new tracks not always aligned?

Measure lines are slightly out of alignment for all tracks. Can’t tell if this is based on either when I clicked to record or clicked to stop recording for each track (6x6 mode). I assumed quantize mode (which is default with there being a current freestyle mode, correct?) would automatically align all tracks.

None of the demo videos that I’ve looked at shows this.

If I’m not wrong
Quantize doens’t work in free mode, butthis feature coming with the next update!

I thought I read that there was no Freestyle mode right now. That it was removed pending updates, and that only quantize mode was available in the current firmware. I see no option for Freestyle mode on my unit.

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I think this is a bug in the display code and not the audio.


OK - thanks. I don’t ‘think’ it’s affecting my loops, though some sound suspect.
Probably the player, though…

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yep, same, but they play normally :slight_smile: so a screen bug i also assume

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When you say Freestyle, do you mean Freeform? If so, yes that still is functioning. I use it exclusively.

Hello there, please take a video and send it to support@singularsound.com so we can better assist you. Youtube unlisted videos work great.

Thanks for reporting

It likely is just the display bug others are talking about in this thread. Freeform mode has been working for about 2 years now!

The changelog is available at the end of every manual, the latest version is 4.2.4

My Aeros does the same thing at times. So far it hasn’t caused me any problems, so I don’t really worry much about it anymore. I imagine future updates will address the problem, as Singular Sound really seems to be very interested in constantly improving their products

Thanks. I must have seen an earlier thread that had me thinking it wasn’t there. I now see that I just need to leave Quantize off to get into that mode.

Thanks. I don’t think it’s affecting my loops. As for Freeform, I must have just seen a post from quite a while back. I see that I just need to turn Quantize off if I want to use.

Good to know. Thanks.