WiFi connected OK but unable to update

Got new Aeros this week and it connects to wifi successfully but when I go to updates it shows ‘NOT CONNECTED’.
Running OS 2.2.0 and SW 2.2.0

Any idea how I get this updated?


Go to the top of this page and use the SD card update method. Aeros firmware 3.4.x

Once you have it updated, make sure your AEROS recognizes your home WIFI network. You might want to locate your pedal within 5’ of your router to get a good connection.

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Thank you - I shall give it a go…

Hey definitely do the SD card method, this is a known bug in this very old firmware version, the SD method will be very straightforward and should get you connected, let us know if you have any further issues!

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks @persist and @BrennanSingularSound
That seems to have worked a treat!!