Will the MM control other midi devices too?

Will the MM control other midi devices too?
For example, I want it to change my kemper player to the tone on the song selected on my BB.
Thanks in advance for the response

In custom mode you can send any midi commands, so yes it will control any midi device :relieved:

Personally I’m controlling BeatBuddy, MobileSheets app on iPad and HX Stomp with a single MM :blush:

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Yes, you can control any unit. Only downside is that you can only have one custom mode loaded in the MM at the time.

Maybe I can have the mm tell my bb and my bb tell my Kemper?

I don’t know kemper but “tone” sounds like some internal settings of the device. If you can set them via MIDI then it’s possible to do with MM.

The more limiting factor could be that if the combinations of tone and BB song are too numerous then the 10*6 buttons in single custom mode might be too little :thinking:

It takes couple minutes to switch the custom mode so you can have infinite set of combinations :relieved: And I guess single gig rarely has even close to 60 songs :sweat_smile:

Another story if you need the buttons for anything else.

Personally I use iPad connected via Bluetooth to MM to have midi settings separate for each song I have in MobileSheets app :relieved: So I just select a song and both BB and HX Stomp will have the correct settings :yum:

I then use MM to change page etc in MobileSheets, and to give further commands to the other devices :relieved:

This is called midi through, so you set one midi channel to BB and another for kemper. BB will then forward the midi messages to kemper. Each unit will react to only those messages sent via their channel :relieved:

This is genius. I’ve got the Yamaha Bluetooth midi dongle and will attempt to do the same in OnSong.
I’d like to keep the MM in BB mode.
Thank you

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Note that MM works also as a midi Bluetooth dongle. But it doesn’t hurt to have second dongle in case if one fails for some reason :sweat_smile:

Note also that you can have the BB mode as a starting point for a custom mode. If you’d like to have the page turn features added etc :grin:

So you’re saying I can connect OnSong to my MM via Bluetooth?

Where can I find docs on these sorts of features?


I’d say MM manual would be a good starting point :blush:

Check page 6 to begin :relieved: