Wishlist - roland spd-6 pads, 6 tracks ... coincidence? I hope not

I think it would be awesome to have. Basic midi functionality that would let someone cue song parts by hitting a pad on commonly used devices like the roland spd-6. I know that is a big ask, but that would open up a world of functionality for drummers who also act as MD for their band.

I own both and would would proudly use them together. My Roland has been collecting dust for a decade.

Hey there! If that MIDI pad is assignable to CC commands the Aeros is currently under works for MIDI implementation, and there will be many commands available for controlling the Aeros very soon! If you can’t assign the command, there are MIDI converting devices that can change the message being sent.

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Check out this post for some troubleshooting tips with a particular MIDI message converter

Thanks a lot! I’ll check this out and wait to see what develops with the aeros!

My pleasure


I was not so much into MIDI till this thread gives me ideas.

@Brennan, I have an old 4-pad Yamaha DD5 with Midi out which I’m not using.
Once MIDI is implemented, will I be able to drive the Aeros with that crap?

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If that crap is working, heck yeah! :partying_face:

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