Would someone post the location of the tutorial to add bass lines

Hi, I’m a new owner of Beatbuddy and the Footswitch and really love it. It took no time to learn to use and now I’ve installed the PC software and it’s working great. My issue now is I’ve looked for several days now trying to find the tutorial on adding bass notes to the software and even with search and YouTube I’ve struggled. It seems that in the three years that Beatbuddy has been around a lot of things have changed and some items are posted on the old forum and some are posted here on the new forum so… I figured I’d just ask. Hope someone might be able to help.

Many thanks, Buddy

There are tutorials available on this forum from Guitar Stu, aashideacon and Phil Flood.

I used this forum’s search function on “bass tutorial” and came up with Beat Buddy Help

You could also search using “tutorial” or “dummies” including those user names from the first sentence.

Regrettably, most of the screen shots that were included with those tutorials were lost when Singular Sound had problems updating their servers in Nov 2017 (so you’ll probably find ≤1,000 words minus the pictures :tired_face:) which is really a shame because of all the hard work these users put into their tutorials.

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