5.2 beta Bug

All in all 5.2 a great improvement. Buuut I have discovered a bug.
6x6 mode set to Start and Length for Quantize. All other settings left “stock” and plenty of loop time left for the song.
I Looped my bridge bassline (part 3) on track 2.
Then (in same part) I did the guitar on track one and it was fine. The wave was looking/sounding good and so I hit Save Song. After Aeros did it’s thing, I went to play it all back and couldn’t hear guitar…Weird.
Then I looked down and WTF!
My bass track (track 2 and still there) was somehow duplicated on to track one and the guitar had completely disappeared.
So, I went in and redid the guitar (track one), saved and waited and guess what?!
That’s right. Wholly %#^@!
Track 2 Bass gone and there sits a grinning clone of my guitar in its place!!
I went ahead and reverted to 5.1 firmware redid the above processes including settings and everything went exactly as it should.
Head scratcher there but hey, “we” may have just stumbled upon a happy accident.
I could actually see where being able to clone a track might be handy :laughing:
I vote for Track Cloning in 5.3…Not really :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi there,

You will need to give a specific set of steps to reproduce the issue or we will not be able to look for the problem, please give us all the steps you took before it happened

If you cannot reproduce it and/or give steps then it will not be fixable

Thanks for reporting!

Okay, I’ll try again. Thought I was pretty specific but here goes.
In 6x6 mode Quantize set to Start and Length and all other settings at default.
I looped on track 1 of part three.
I then looped on Track 2 of part 3
after I listened and saw that it was proper I then saved the song.
Upon reopening the song track one (original loop) was replaced by a clone of track two.
Track two remained as it was.
So I then re-did track one with no change in settings-looked fine-saved song
Then upon reopening song… track 2 was replaced by a clone of track 1.
Track one remained as it was.
I then reverted firmware to 5.1 and the problem didn’t happen again.

Hey again,

To make sure it’s fully clear:

  1. Create a 6x6 song in quantized more with start and length on, the Aeros is being used on its own (no master clock/ no slaved device)
  2. Record at least one track in part 1 and part 2
  3. switch to part 3 using the Aeros switch part button
  4. record to track 1
  5. Commit track 1
  6. Undo track 1
  7. without stopping aeros, record to track 2 using the Next track button
  8. commit track 2
  9. select and rerecord track 1
  10. hit save

When you follow these steps you are able to reproduce the issue?

my set-up is aeros, beatbuddy and maestro. Default master/slave integration.
5 parts and two tracks (1 and 2) each in a 6x 6 song that I started working on prior to the 5.2 beta update.
Aeros behaved normal for a couple of days and then all the aforementioned nonsense happened. Plenty of stopping and starting of recording track until I got what I wanted and saved the song.
Other than that I did exactly as I already wrote. I guess just consider it a mere headsup that such a thing happened, as I did not get all sciency about it, so this is all I got for us. And like I said I reverted to 5.1 and the issue didn’t happen again. I am loathe to risk the sacrifice of my successful tracks and test this again by going back to 5.2 beta. Good luck to us all and thanks for being so responsive.
Sorry I’m not more help.

Unfortunately if we cannot replicate the issue it will not be fixable, the steps are critical to reproducing and finding the issue.

We highly encourage you to continue using 5.2, we did not change how saving works, it’s likely if there is a bug the same one exists in 5.1.

You seem to be saying this only happened once, meaning it’s likely not a common use case…

Please let us know if you remember any other details or if it happens again

Thank you for reporting!

Question what do you mean by default master/slave could you specify which is which? Thanks!

I realize that, hence my saying that ya’ll should just consider it a headsup.
Default… as in I didn’t change any of the default settings regarding how the aeros and beatbuddy work together out of the box. I really don’t know another way to say it.
Though I only referred to it happening twice in a row in my initial post, it did happen once before but it was a day or so prior.
So… 3 times total
I am going to stick with 5.1 until 5.2 gets out of beta.
Seeing as I changed absolutely nothing after reverting to 5.1 and since have had only success in the same exact song that I was working on when I was in 5.2, it kinda seems like the bug is not in 5.1.
Anyhow. Thanks again. If something else comes up, I’ll endeavor to be more sciency in my reporting.