Ability to delete bad recording - Track or Part

Ability to delete bad track or part when Aeros stopped or on the fly, during playback/recording.

When a part is deleted, subsequent parts move up to fill the space if part deleted is not the LAST part. Maybe locate at next empty part/track after deletion.

Otherwise, remain at track/part just deleted ready to initiate recording.


Ability to empty a ‘bad’ track would be great.

I’ve read the ‘just use undo’ posts - however there is still a problem here:

  • Record a track in the current part
  • Realise you’ve messed it up
  • Prepare to undo (because that will silence the track so start replaying that track)
  • Time your undo long press to be just after start of loop to give space to get the record press in
  • Realise you’ve just jittered on the long press and caused it to overdub not undo.
  • Curse as you realise that there is no way back to get rid of the bad track (you can now only undo the overdub and never get back to undoing the bad track itself)

There is a partial solution - mute the bad track and ‘throw it away’, but a clean method to ‘clear’ would be great.

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Why this isn’t a function is beyond me. Happens all the time. I hate erasing the whole song just to get rid of one track. This function seems like it would be a common sense feature.


Yes, REMEMBER to “mute the bad track(s) and ‘throw it (them) away’” when using a loop recorded in the studio in my solo performance is a solution (I make notes in OnSong in the iPad) but it would seem that at least allowing complete deletion of last recorded track would have been a “no brainer”.

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They’re telling me “undo and redo”…

Or remember to mute bad tracks during playback…

I don’t think they thought much about folks who record backing loops at home and then need to replay them on stage.

I could live with what can be done inside the Aeros IF…

They responded to one of my other Feature Requests for a high functioning Export/Import Program. I’ve asked for a PC/Mac program to run on our computers that would allow us to export entire song parameters and tracks as WAV files, Use the program to edit the song parameters, Use our DAW to edit, delete or add tracks and then allow Song Import - either as a new song (probably the easiest) or to replace the exported song.


if you are recording at home in a studio, you can solve this already. (No idea if this is ‘approved’ but it works).

  • Save your song to SD card.
  • shut down, pop it out
  • go to audacity
  • open the wav file for the track (left and right are separate files)
  • clear it
  • save it back to the sd card (signed 24bit PCM)
  • Stick it back in the aeros and power up
  • track is no blank and ready to be re-recorded. Meta data does not change.

BTW, this also covers your export to DAW request as well.

@BrennanSingularSound would this be possible (you’ve stated that the current architecture makes it difficult to ‘delete’ a track) if the request was to ‘zero the audio’ on a track (as opposed to delete the track). Metadata stays in place. Potentially only applying to RAM based audio. Potentially only available via MIDI ?

This would (I suspect) solve the issue for the majority of requestors.

Thanks, Simon.

That would probably handle the junk track recorded that needs to be muted before playback issue. External mute.

If I ran Singular Sound I’d have asked for a program that allows complete song export, edit songs in the computer including if necessary using a DAW to edit individual tracks (as long as lengths are not changed) and re-import entire song onto the card.

That would take care of what I would need to create “canned” loops for use in performance.

Could be better as they finally make the USB port working !

I can’t say we will do this anytime soon. It’s not because it is not possible but because it is a fundamental way of how the Aeros works. It was build to not allow “holes” between parts or tracks.

We are not at a point where we feel comfortable spending time on this as we have plenty other things to tackle at this time.

We can consider this but no promises on when if ever if will be done. Likely this is more a polish than something we consider a crucial feature for right now.

For this reason I will tag this as #under-consideration

Thanks for the request

It seems you may not be aware of the Cancel Recording feature which can be found in the Device Settings. Simply turn it on and you can undo any recording/overdub immediately while recording/overdubbing by tapping the Play Stop All button. This helps users avoid hold commands and should solve your issue

This is also untrue unless I am misunderstanding you. You can always undo both the base layer and overdub layer, to undo the base layer after the overdub layer, simply keep holding the button down until it is fully undone. If you are talking about not being able to undo an overdub that merged to the previous base layer, that is true, this cannot be undone.

As stated above, it is part of the fundamental code and the unit has a strong undo/redo system that allows users to completely restart a part by undoing all existing tracks.

We may not have responded to your specific issue you posted but this is already planned. We are not shifting the timeline for this any further than it already has been in the last few months, it will come as early as possible. We can only work on so much at one time.

Thank you for your feedback

Doing this is working at your own risk, we do not have an approved method for doing this.

Not really, the issue is not the ability to delete, it is the architecture around the tracks and how they are saved and used that makes this difficult to change.

Our time can be used more effectively on other features that we believe are more critical for a user experience.

This likely could be a future use for the port more news soon on that soon!

If you feel this is unsatisfactory, let’s try to keep the energy constructive, we understand it’s frustrating to be told “no” or “maybe” but we have many users to appeal to and we must compartmentalize our efforts and execute with focus or releases will not be coming out as they are now.

Thanks for the feedback guys

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Respectfully still disagree with this being an unnecessary feature. Too many times have I inadvertently double clicked and had to completely restart. Also if you mess up the timing slightly ROP mode on the fly and want to redo the track, you can’t. Sometimes in 2x2 (which is most live friendly) I want to lay down a track, let it play (intro) then erase after other tracks. Can’t do this currently

I hear you - I’m still not to the point where I’d try to use this thing live. I’m mainly building backing tracks to learn where to put my feet when on the Beat Buddy, Maestro and Aeros.

Live – I have a TC Ditto X2 at the end of the chain on both of my pedal boards - the acoustic one and the electric one - so for quickie live backing tracks (rhythm), I’ll use those.

Thanks Brennan,

This is what I’m looking for. I’m away from home at the moment but will try at the weekend. I think many people are not aware of this. Could I suggest a change to the manual text:

Undo most recent layer
* Continue to hold to clear base layer (if still present)

I guessed that would be ‘undefined’ hence my caveat. But, the files are wav, 24 bit unsigned PCM… Caveat opérer :wink:


Long-long press works a treat, covers my needs.


I was going to add a post on this - but Ill just add to this one. I really would like to see the ability to delete tracks at any point given more emphasis than ‘under consideration’. Too often I have deleted the whole thing and started again. In a way you are a victim of your own versatility - a 6 x 6 functionality means fairly complex looping - and the only editing being an immediate undo - which can easily turn into overdub - is less than ideal. Some software like the BB has may help too.

Have you tried the cancel recording feature?

This is explained at 5:11, it does the cancel using the Play Stop All button, makes this easier to handle than using a long press of the RPO.

Let me know if this helps, because deletion of a track is not a priority and undoing the track/overdub and re-recording it functions in the same basic way.

That’s pretty cool. I’m going to try to remember that Delete using Play/Stop pedal trick.

I think the slightly nagging issue is more prevalent in 6 by 6 mode. The scenario I’ve dealt with is to record track 1, then a track 2 then a 3rd track and realize that the 2nd track is unusable. In a DAW, that would just mean delete that track. However in the Aeros it means when using that song in performance one has to make a note to make sure it’s muted before beginning playback. The good news is that one can mute it and upon reloading the song, it will still be muted.

On balance, not a huge deal…