Ability to edit RPO to RPS

Would like the option to STOP loop rather than OVERDUB. Then I could Record my loop, Play my Loop, then Stop my loop while my Beat Buddy continues. When it comes time in the song to Solo, I could Restart the loop I have recorded and guitar solo over the top of the loop without overdubbing.


@James_Knox You can stop the entire song with the play/stop all button. However, if you are trying to stop one specific loop, you can already double-tap the RPO button for that track to mute it (or via the mixer, hold down the leftmost button adjacent to the RPO buttons). Would that work for what you are trying to achieve?

Also, if you want immediate access with one tap, you could do that with our upcoming MIDI Maestro. :wink:

Thank you for your reply! Yes, it might help but is an awkward solution. Especially when I already have a BeatBuddy/Boomerang set up that does it intuitively and with only one tap. Also, to have to buy a Midi Meistro (taking up more pedalboard room, costing more money, and having even more foot dancing)really does not make any sense, does it?

+1 on this!

This would be extremely helpful on real live looping with a band. I often use the looper to record a phrase to solo over. But I need to turn this track on and of fast without much thinking or step dancing :wink:

Hi there, based on what we’re seeing here, what you really want is a RPM mode, so that you could mute the track once you don’t need it to playback, this way the Aeros will stay in line with the BeatBuddy and when you bring it back in, it will be following the song part’s form (chord changes).

Does this make sense?

We’d prefer to keep all stop commands on the play/ stop all button.


If that is the case, that is not very high priority for us, and may not be available for a bit.