Ability to edit RPO to RPS

Would like the option to STOP loop rather than OVERDUB. Then I could Record my loop, Play my Loop, then Stop my loop while my Beat Buddy continues. When it comes time in the song to Solo, I could Restart the loop I have recorded and guitar solo over the top of the loop without overdubbing.


@James_Knox You can stop the entire song with the play/stop all button. However, if you are trying to stop one specific loop, you can already double-tap the RPO button for that track to mute it (or via the mixer, hold down the leftmost button adjacent to the RPO buttons). Would that work for what you are trying to achieve?

Also, if you want immediate access with one tap, you could do that with our upcoming MIDI Maestro. :wink:

Thank you for your reply! Yes, it might help but is an awkward solution. Especially when I already have a BeatBuddy/Boomerang set up that does it intuitively and with only one tap. Also, to have to buy a Midi Meistro (taking up more pedalboard room, costing more money, and having even more foot dancing)really does not make any sense, does it?

+1 on this!

This would be extremely helpful on real live looping with a band. I often use the looper to record a phrase to solo over. But I need to turn this track on and of fast without much thinking or step dancing :wink:

Hi there, based on what we’re seeing here, what you really want is a RPM mode, so that you could mute the track once you don’t need it to playback, this way the Aeros will stay in line with the BeatBuddy and when you bring it back in, it will be following the song part’s form (chord changes).

Does this make sense?

We’d prefer to keep all stop commands on the play/ stop all button.


If that is the case, that is not very high priority for us, and may not be available for a bit.

Hi, I was almost about to buy Aeros looper but found out that I would have to double-tap for muting the track. This is a show stopper for me unfortunately. I need single tap to stop at the end of the loop and double tap to stop immediately.

I’m actually surprised you say this is not a priority. I’m my social bubble this is a preferrable way. I would rather scarify overdubs altogether.

Most of the people I know talks about overdubs, but not using them at the end.

This can be done with the Stop/start Button

Muting with single tap can be done into the Mixer screen

Is this single tap mute per track? I only saw many feature requests, but now information it was implemented. Even latest manual not saying anything about that. Always referring to do double tap to mute a track.
If you can point me to documentation I would be very happy.

Yes it’s per track, but you need to select the track with the middle switch
You don’t have a mute/unmute at the bottom of each track

Take a look at this video, sry it’s in french but you can see how it works
look at 1.55
Aeros looper - Mute track en single tap oui c’est possible ! (FR) - YouTube

Ohh… that’s much better. In the video, however, on single tap it mutes immediately. Is it also possible to wait for the end of track loop?
It looks like the guy in the video does this at 6:20. He single tap and it waits for the loop to finish. Or did he do double tap? Not clear to see.
My problem is that I would like to use for live performance. I need to stop loop in advance and then prepare for another effect to switching. This pretty much completely covers my old Pigtronix Infinity looper. Which I’m fine now. But using Aeros would also allow using single device for home composing as well. For this pigtronix does not work well. Need to use my pc.

With the mixer = single tap and stop immediately
Normal screen = double tap and stop at the end of the loop

But with a midi controller you can do single tap to mute/unmute immediately or end of the loop depend the commands that you insert

ok. Unfortunately, this is going back to my first post.

I need:
single tap to stop at the end of loop
double tap stops immediately.

I don’t really want to add additional device only to be able to stop looper. :frowning: So close to be perfect. And so many people were asking for this feature.

I guess I’m staying with Pigtronix for now and I will keep an eye on Aeros as I see firmware get updates regularly.
Thanks anyway

Hey there,

I just want to clarify that there are ways to do what you want but it depends on the use case.

If you want only to mute one track in a song part while other tracks in the song part continue playing, this with one tap. There is little hope that we will ever change how the RPO button works, I will just be honest there.

If you are able to have all tracks in a song part stop at the same time, you can use the Play Stop all button.

Stop commands can be set to be immediate, at the end of the measure, or at the end of the longest loop. This is settable in the Aeros’ behavior settings. Mute commands can also be set this way, but they only work with a double tap.

There is an exception! (This is possible in beta v5.1.0! There was a bug in 5.0.3 preventing this from working.)

You could use the slideout menu:

  1. Edit your playing slideout menu to only have the mute and mixer commands on it, place the mute command at the top.
  2. In the Hands free settings, disable the Playing Slideout Closes automatically setting. This way the slideout will not close once you send a command while using it
  3. In your song, record your tracks as you want them
  4. Hold the bottom left button to bring out the slideout menu after recording both tracks
  5. Now the button that corresponds to each track in 2x2 mode will only mute the track, and it will do so with one tap

The nicest thing here is that it will also ‘Protect’ you from overdubbing while in this state

This is a pretty nice solution I think, let me know.

Keep in mind that the Aeros does a lot more than what the Pigtronix does, in a very similar footprint. If we could make everyone happy we would but there are always compromises.

Thanks for the question!