Aeros Starttime

When Aeros is synced by BB I have various start times on the 1. Can someone explain why the Aeros starts on the next measure, right away, or waits two measures depending on when I push start.

See video unlisted video:

Edit: Just tried with 4/4 and it works fine; picks up on beat 1 from the BB no problem. It seems to be a 6/8 problem, almost like the BB or the Aeros is treating it like two bars of 3/4. Look forward to other’s insights.

I can makeshift get it to work if I leave it scrolling “play” upon start rather than record. It is inconsistent if BB is already going and then I record or play from stopped in 6/8 (Have not tried other odd time sigs). For this particular song, I can record what I’m playing and then change parts, which records what I’m playing without any plan to use it. Then I switch back to Part 1 to solo over followed by stopping it while I finish out the song.

Regardless of whether someone can suggest a fix for this problem, I would like to request a feature if not already available. Similar to the “Play” upon starting (rather than record) when switching Parts… So, I could Record a track(s) in Part 1, switch to Part 2 (Playing without Recording) and hit Record some time later, switch back to play Part 1 and then play Part 2. This is more complicated than my specific current case, which would simply require:

Start the BB, which starts Aeros Playing (without Recording)
Strum Verse 1a&b

  1. Strum Chorus
  2. Record Verse 2a in Track 1 of Part 1
  3. Strum Verse 2b
  4. Strum Chorus while switching to Part 2 Playing without Recording (to provide silence 5. while remaining perfectly synced with BB)
  5. Play Verse 2a while soloing
  6. Strum Chorus/Outro

Hey there, sorry for not replying but we have looked into this and have partially solved it!

The bug where the Aeros waits for <1 measure +1 measure after has been fixed, now the Aeros will only wait <1 measure if it is started from a stopped state.

The problem with it not being immediate is that, although it may feel to you like the 1, you are likely late by a few dozen milliseconds. When the Aeros is in playback, we use a 300ms buffer zone (the Loop Forgiveness Zone, LFZ)to “correct” the behavior and either change parts or start/commit a recording without losing sync or dropping any frames (recorded audio).

The Aeros would have to be able to record even while stopped for this to work, likely after a Start command has been received. We may be able to pull this off, but for now the fix will only allow a user to have any odd or uncommon time signature and not encounter an extra measure of waiting, only the <1 measure needed to start the Aeros on the next one.

It’s an interesting request, if you would like to see it tagged and keep track of it, I suggest you make a new thread specifying your request with as much detail as possible, thank you!

Currently, you would have to stop the Aeros, switch parts on it, and then send another start command for it to start playback in an empty part.

The partial fix will be on the next iteration of 4.2.x, thanks!

Oh, that sounds do-able with midi and the <1 function. I will give it a try. I have a bunch of songs that require two guitars, starting a loop recording during a verse or chorus and then play from that point for a solo over the part…Just a one time throw away part.

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This sounds great. I could really use it. Following this post.

I just wanted to say, I made a mistake, the fix for the original issue will be in 4.3.x, not 4.2.x

It is underway however!

Just an FYI!

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Thank you! I tore my looper board apart and I am in the midst of putting it back together (as musicians do). So, I will post the additional feature request above once I have it back together and can fully recall what the heck I was saying. :stuck_out_tongue:


This appears to have been fixed internally, it will be available on 4.3.x beta, stay tuned! Thanks for reporting