BB Manager - editing songs


Are there any up to date resources to help me with moving an intro to a song in a different folder? I’ve read/watched everything I can find and I’m having a helluva time.

I’m trying to add an intro to one of the songs from the “melow 2” shuffles, there don’t seem to be a lot of chill shuffles with intros in the premium collection.


  • In the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), hover your cursor over the Intro that you want to copy and a frame will appear around it.
  • While hovering over it, press ctrl-C (CMD-C if using a Mac) to copy it.
  • Go to the song in the other folder where you want the Intro and hover over that Intro until it displays a frame around the Intro.
  • Press ctrl-V (or CMD-V) to paste it.
  • Save your project.

Is there a similar procedure for copying the .wav file for an instrument?

I would really like to copy the bass notes from one drum set to another.

Here’s a starting point Roll You Own kits

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Thank you so much! I had watched one of the older official vids about finding a file and copying it and all of that jazz, in comparison this was soooo easy. :heart_eyes:

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