BBManager (1.64+) LEGACY Video Tutorials!


Hey guys, the BeatBuddy Manager Online application is now out and free to the public

Read more here:

This thread will now be closed and the BeatBuddy Manager Legacy version will no longer be supported.

BeatBuddy Manager LEGACY Tutorial Videos

Greetings everyone! :slight_smile:

We have started our series of video tutorials for the latest BBManager. We will be updating this thread every so often with more tutorials, so feel free to bookmark this page and comment below.

If you’d like to learn how to import the library content onto the pedal, please see this page.

As always, if anything is unclear you may post questions on the forum or email us directly:

If you do not have a project loaded in your BBManager (i.e. it’s all blank), please watch the following video first:

Here is a nice short and concise tutorial on creating setlists from existing songs on your BBManager:

Here’s how to set the default tempo, drumset, and title for an individual song:

Here’s the basics of editing song tracks (intro, outro, main drum loop, fills, etc):

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Hi, sorry for Use this thread for ask this but, Is it possible to add change of drumkit from the footswitch? Like the songs menu navigation.


Not currently, no.

Hi, will you be doing training videos showing how to create drum beats (hopefully with base) for various songs?

Possibly a little bit down the line, at the moment I am focusing on the basics of the BBManager using existing content. In the mean time, here is a nice primer that @aashideacon wrote on creating songs with bass:

He wrote that tutorial in a Mac environment, but the principle is basically the same no matter the OS you use, since MIDI notes are MIDI notes no matter where you put them.

The basic idea for creating your own drum beats is to just match the mapping of the drum kit you intend to use. For all non-bass songs (i.e. all the default content), the drumkits follow the standard MIDI drum map (except for the Latin kit, that’s a unique kit). If you double-click on the drum kits in the ‘drum editor’ tab in the BBManager, you will see the mapping of all the instruments and the corresponding MIDI note numbers. Open up a bass drum kit in the drum editor and you will see all the MIDI notes of the bass notes as well.

Once you know the mapping you need, all you really need to do is create a MIDI file that follows that mapping, and then just import it into the BBManager. :slight_smile:

Hello BB staff & forum members :

I don’t have a BB as of yet , from what i have researched on youtube and now in this form , chances are I’ll get one because I need to replace the drum kit I lost when my DAW Digitech GNX4 was stolen and have replaced it with a great replacement that hasn’t a drum machine . - is it possible to listen to these drum files on my computer with out having first purchasing a BB ?

I downloaded the BB manager but it says I need the SD card the BB comes with to start listening to the files ?
Thanks :


Download [SIZE=6]Default BeatBuddy Content Update [/SIZE]from here

Where is the Beatbuddy Manager Manual? When clicking on User guide in the menu of the manager it takes me to a dead link…

Did they abandon it?

It appears to be temporarily off-line. I’ll alert the web admin.

I just tried the links and they work. Go to this page and download the appropriate version (Win/Mac):

I am looking for the PDF Manual, not the program. I installed the program, but when I go to the help menu within and click on the "User Manual? button it takes me to a dead link.

Among other things I am trying to understand how to use the Midi Editor in 1.64. Mine is grayed out. The only editor I am aware of is the third parety BeatBuilder

I misread what you wrote, sorry about that. We do not have a PDF manual for the latest version of the BBManager, we need to take that menu option out (it was originally linked to the manual for one of the previous versions).

Regarding the MIDI editor, you can access it either by right clicking on a track within a song and click ‘edit’ (if it has an existing MIDI file) or right click on an empty track and click ‘create new pattern’.

Here’s a link to the f/w user manual: and here for the manual for the app:

Here’s how to edit MIDI in your BBM: right-click on the section you want to edit and you should get to a sub-menu. See the screen shot.


I may be a bit dense (please forgive me) , but I still don’t see the manual for the BeatBuddy Manager. The link you provided is for the BeatBuddy User Manual (Not what I need), which does not provide details about the specific use of Beatbuddy Manager. And under Downloads there is no PDF for the Manager.

In the BeatBuddy Manager program there is a menu item under Useful links titled “User Manual”. When I click on it I get the attached website screen:

Nah, I don’t think you’re dense—it’s gotta be me :confused:

Those links will take you to the currently available BeatBuddy documents. I don’t think there is a manual for the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)(something that tells you about how to use all of the BBM features and capabilities such as how to edit a MIDI file). I’ve tagged Support and perhaps he can be more helpful than I’ve been :frowning:

@BeatBuddy Support

Were that link still active from version 1.6.4, it probably would have brought you to the BeatBuddy User Manual link that I provided.

Thanks. I will wait to see if support chimes in. I got the BB unit itself pretty well figured out, but realize I am going to have to create alot of custom songs for current Modern Worship (just older stuff is out there and only a few new ones on the FB forum). I am pretty proficient at some other tools like guitarpro and addictive drums so I can get midi files stripped out - Just need to be able to use the manager to put it all back together and want to make sure I have all shortcuts in use to cut down on workflow.

It has been a while since the BBManager pre-1.64 was in use, I recall it linking to the written forum post for 1.5.01, but I could be mistaken. Either way, that link is irrelevant now. :slight_smile:

If you’d like, we can do a phone support session where I can go over with you the entire software and help you get started and familiar with it. If interested, PM me and we will arrange something.

So there is no actual manual for the Manager at this point? That’s okay. I am just a manual guy and always like to read through to maximize use, but I can figure it out through trial and error and videos right now. The whole workspace thing was a bit confusing at first as I had everything point to the SD card, but realized I am better off having it offline.

I will let you know down the road if I need help.

Thanks again.

Okay let me know. You can PM me here, or email me at any time you would like assistance with anything. :slight_smile:

Where can i find the latest manual (1.65) in a PDF format I am not able to find it.