BeatBuddy Firmware 4.0.x "Playlists!"

It can’t hurt to read the user manual and you can find it along with more information here resources

I have been trying to use the 4.0.0 firmware but when I add a song to a playlist, then go to that playlist and try to load the song, the BeatBuddy stops working. The counter bar disappears and the pedal no longer does anything. If I take out the SD Card and put it in my computer, I can see that the PLAYLIST folder has been created, but it is empty. If I delete the PLAYLIST folder and put the SD card back into the BeatBuddy, it works fine. Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but the playlist feature is not working for me.

Other users have reporter that syncing the project on the BBM is the solution here, we are looking into why this is, thanks!

Hi Brennan,
Thanks for the reply. I have tried syncing with BBM, but it hasn’t helped. I do notice though, that coming from the BeatBuddy I need to Scan and Repair the SD card before the Sync is successful. Otherwise BBM can’t seem to write certain files to the card. Is something happening to the card when the playlist tries to get written in the BeatBuddy?

Great - I can confirm that bug is fixed - cheers!

So far all is working stable as expected … playing with the playlists is next :smile:

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My first post: As a new owner of BB+MM+Aeros, I am just getting my head around it all and focussing on getting it all current. It’s a steep learning curve. This community forum helps.

But I just wanted to say how much my new equipment means to me already, and to thank all at Singular Sound for these innovations. I am a jazz guitarist/composer, and more than adequately matched with technology that facilitates both easy set arrangements and improvisation on the fly. I could not be happier.

I moved from the RC500 but kept banging my head against limitations. This is a whole different level.

Cost me a fortune and the RC500 is now up for resale. Any offers|? lol

Regards to all.

I very happy, with the playlists. Working awesome and the problem with the transitions are solved.
Thank’s for the work. I keeping it. :grinning:

Can you describe what the problems with the transitions are? I got a BeatBuddy this week, and love it, except that sometimes the transitions “cancel out”. I long-tap to start the transitions and it enters transition mode. When I release the long-tap. transition mode exits and it’s still on the same song part it was on before. Is that the issue that is fixed on 4.0?

Exactly. In 3.9, sometimes, the transitions faltered and came up later.
I’m using now 4.1 and I have no problems enymore

How do you mean 4.1 … I thought 4.0.0. is the latest BB firmware - can you please confirm?

I can confirm that I DO still have the transition problem on the 4.0 release. On Comfortably Numb from the Premium Package, on Song Part 2 I can consistently reproduce it, where the transition starts, and then goes away when I lift off the pedal, leaving it still on Part 2. I’ve noticed it on other tracks as well, all ones that I have downloaded from the Premium Library. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s not some kind of hardware problem with my specific pedal.

It will be 4.0 i am confused with the aeros but to be honest i have had no problem anymore

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is it 4.0 or 4.1 the latest software version?

Is 4.0 still in beta,

Thank you for reporting, we are looking into this


So happy to hear it!!! We love being a part of the creative process

We are in touch separately, the fact this is reproducible means we can likely fix it, stay tuned!

The current official version is:
The current beta is: 4.0.0

Thanks all

Hi @BrennanSingularSound,

My current BB install reads 4.0.0 … is 4.0.1 available via the link in the first post … there it still reads 4.0.0 though …

Oops! My bad beta is still 4.0.0!

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BeatBuddy Firmware 4.0.1 has been posted! See original post above.


It’s working great for me!


anyone having any issues with 4.0.1?
whoever has already updated, do you recommend? please…