BeatBuddy talents for hire?

Finding great fun and usability with beatbuddy. I am inquiring if any folks out there are interested in creating beats for hire? I ask for a song, you charge X per song, depending on difficulty, escalating on difficulty, time, etc.

If this is breaking a protocol of the site, I profusely apologize- mods, please remove if I am out of bounds.
However, if ok to post, I will post my email to interested parties, but will wait a day or so for mods to approve (or not disapprove) and then post my address.

Thanks in advance!

Good idea!I’m Also interested!

This is what we need a library of actual songs we can purchase and put straight into the BB. This has got to be the way forward. Love the BB but would rather be playing with my guitar than my computer!!!

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I’ve created a ton of songs, but I wonder if there are licensing issues to selling them. I download midis off the free sites, and edit them into BB songs, so even the midi creator doesn’t make any money.

However, I’d be willing to create almost any song, as long as I think I could use it in my own set. I want to have at least 300 or so, and right now i’m at about 60 i think. One man band live band karaoke, anyone?

Ok, seeing that this thread is still alive, I assume my request was deemed acceptable by mods. If you are interested in providing a solution to my request, I am at **************

We have no problem with users making and selling content – as long as it is not derived from content that we (Singular Sound) or other copyright holders have released. We cannot support piracy and will block it if we discover it.

Whether or not you are breaking any copyright law is your responsibility. I believe that if you create the MIDI, then you own the content and can do with it what you wish. Unlike other music, you cannot copyright drum beats. But if you’re editing someone else’s work, there may be issues – I would not recommend selling it in that case without their permission.

Standard disclaimer: These are just my opinions. I’m not a copyright lawyer. Or a lawyer of any kind :slight_smile:

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I would not pay anyone ONE PENNY for beats to a copywrited cover. But if they gave it to me for free, I’d pay for your time and effort… :wink:

I am not looking to copy anyone’s work - I just want to play along with my favorite tunes without having to find a drummer. As a previous poster wrote, I love this thing, but would rather spend my time playing my guitar rather than trying to decode beats. I am perfectly happy pulling the configs from the beatbuddy sister site (not afiliated, yes I know). I am just looking for the right beat, not to copy someone’s tracks.

Hi I am starting a one man reggae band using Quantiloops. I have a musician making my tracks for me .Reggae is real big here in Fl. I have reggae tunes by Coldplay,Ed Sheeran,The Lumineers ,Pink Floyd etc. to reggae .I would pay per song .I can send you the youtube links or an mp3. Please let me know .Thanks

Since you’re customizing songs, you’re more likely to get replies if you could provide MIDI source files for the actual renditions instead of mp3 files.

Thanks for the reply and advice.

I also am interested. I play solo or duoand am not, nor want to be, a computer nerd. I know my limitations is what I am saying. Would love complete beats to songs for BB. Just want to activate the song and let it play. Let me/us know if something can help,here.

Private message sent.

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I have been using the hand drums that came from the mini for some acoustic covers. I slow them down and speed them up depending on the song. I love OPB but sometimes a little freedom in controlling the length of the song or maybe just having some breathing room during a song to talk to crowd or hit a solo is great as well.
With that being said. If there is more hand drum beats out there, I would be interested. I only use 2 of the mini hand drum beats for about 7 songs right now. Anyone have more?

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