BeatBuddy Volume Control

Currently the Midi Maestro cannot control your BeatBuddy volume using an expression pedal. I hope this will be implemented as a minor update soon (it is a single midi Code change). But as this issue was raised June 2021 and there is still no change they have not indicated a planned date I am not holding my breath.

So how to use your Volume pedal on the audio side?
(I have a Dunlop DPV4 Mini so it can be both a Volume or Expression pedal)

If you plug the BeatBuddy L/Mono out straight into the input of the Volume pedal you will find that Volume pedal makes practically no change through most of the sweep and then at the last tiny 5% it goes to full volume. This is due to an the output/input not being well matched. The BeatBuddy outputs a line level and the Volume pedal expects a high impedance.
(As the Volume pedal is essentially a variable resistance bridge device it does include impedance matching, but line level using impedance bridging. The details will distract from the intent of this post)

My solution is to run the output of the BeatBuddy through a DI backwards. Taking a low impedance signal up to a high impedance signal and inputting that into the Volume pedal. The only unconventional cable you need is an Instrument_Mono_Jack-to-female_XLR in order to use the Output of the DI as an Input.

I then use a second DI to take the output of the Volume pedal back to a signal suitable for running to the Sound Desk. (As I have a Stereo DI that keeps things compact)

The Volume pedal works great now. It provides a full range of volume control.

Downside? No stereo on the drums. There is still signal loss, so you need to make some slight EQ adjustments. Also, Midi Volume control is just the better way to go - Most of us who backed SingularSound will just have to wait patiently for that.

The alternative is to get a MorningStar MC6, which also has 6 buttons, and two exp pedal inputs. Does not look as slick as the Midi Maestro, but it is really fully programmable.

I use the Midi Maestro for all that. I just use one button to set volume on the Beat Buddy to 90% and toggle it with volume at 80%. I then use another button to set volume at 70% and toggle it with volume at 60%. I can set volume on the fly within 2 button presses. You can obviously use more buttons and/or use different values, but 10% increments seems to work just fine.

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Wow! I like being the solution! I am so usually the problem…

Novel approach to the problem. At least this way you can control the midi. Also, while not at granular as BB mode (+/- volume), using toggle is pretty clever.
I don’t want to give up two buttons on the midi controller, so at the moment I will stick to the analogue approach until SS release v2 with expression pedal volume control.

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Just spent €350 on this, and found out you cant control something so basic as the master volume
very disappointed, anyway i was wondering if you tried to use the headphones output to avoid having to buy a Di , thanks

I have used the Headphone jack many times, no problem at all. Just make sure the Headphone dial is turned up.