BeatBuddy with BeatBuddy Manager - Best working Practice For gigging musician - " BB Survival Guide "

Hi All,

After getting over the initial rush with BeatBuddy " Where have you been all my Life…" one
realises its roll your sleeves up time and one has to get real and switched on to efficient working.

My question/s are to the BB Jedi Knights can you advise a mere mortal like me are these the steps to work by?
[1] When BeatBuddy Manager is installed - File -> Save Project As - > (e.g. My Projects )
Do you want to link the new project for future synchronisation? --> Click [ Yes ]
[2] BeatBuddy Manager Tools -> Set Workspace Location - > (Dialogue asks)
[3] BeatBuddy Manager in the Songs Tab - Leave the Default Songs (good for creative ideas, styles)
then Create Folders for Gigs /Genre specific: e.g. JAZZ BAND Covers COUNTRY BAND Covers
Folk Duo Covers
[4] BeatBuddy Manager This links to above number [3] add custom drum kits
[5] BeatBuddy Pedal plugged in with USB cable When Synchronise will therefore update for gigs.
[6] All above is to standardise so Desk top development in BeatBuddy Manager work is always copied across to BeatBuddy Pedal .

Any guidance in working practices as will be a great help and sure will prove a good resource
for performing singer song writers gigging doing covers and/or as well.

Keep up the great work Singular Sounds and excellent supportive Forum.

Andy Ray North England. :cowboy_hat_face:

Jedi Knights had to start somewhere and there are probably two ways to do so

  • Get familiar with the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) user guide, or
  • Browse the forum; it’s helpful to learn how to search to answer your questions before you ask on the forum (chances are reasonably good that the question and answer may have been asked and answered by others before)
    Most of your tips are in the user guide.

Best BBM practices:

  • Don’t use the USB cable connection method with the BeatBuddy as it passes data slowly and it’s been reported to either corrupt or not to pass the data completely. Use your computer’s SD card slot reader. If your computer does not have one, buy an external USB reader.
  • Save your work frequently; don’t use special characters to name songs or folders: BAD NAME: Mrs. Robinson; GOOD NAME: Mrs Robinson

Tips for gigging musicians:

  • Label your BeatBuddy pedal power adaptor so as not to accidentally plug in the wrong one and fry your pedal.
  • Always have a backup SD card when you gig; if you can afford it, buy a second pedal.
  • Never apply firmware updates immediately before a gig; if you do, you should at least practice and rehearse with the updated pedal.
  • Make sure you use the correct patch cable (TRS) to connect your pedal to your remote foot switch
  • If a song calls for a drum set that’s panned left and right, use both the left and right outputs from your pedal to your PA.

P.S. I slightly edited placement of one of your tips

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Thank you Persist

Very clear and excellent guidance.

Many cups of coffee with Manuals, searching Forum to serve my time.

Kind regards Andy Ray

Hi Andy. I hope all is going well with the LBDM. Thanks again.

  1. I am on a Mac. When installing BB Manager, I used the recommended location for the Workspace, in the Documents folder. I strongly recommend that once you have your Workspace set and your system has been working, do not even think about opening up the Workspace folder and poking about. Bad things happen. Consider it forbidden fruit - the Tree of Knowledge that gets you banished from the Garden.
  2. Yes, accept the Synchronize recommendation, even if your system seems to always have synchronize greyed out. When Synchronize is not available, to backup your project, use Export>Project to SD Card. Use Synchronize when it is available, as it is much faster. When using the Export option, be patient. It will take several minutes for the Export process to finish.
  3. Get yourself a couple 32gb Class 10 SD cards. Organizing things into separate folders within BBM is a good idea. To have multiple copies of a song. Export the song, and then re-import it into the new location. This gets the song in both places. From time to time, export each one of your folders individually to an archival location. This will give you a good back-up in the event of some sort of data loss. I have my folders in at least 4 locations at any given time - 2 sets on identical 32gb SD cards, one in the BB workspace, and one in a full backup of my hard drive.
  4. Thus far 32gb has proven to be more than plenty for me, and that’s good since 32GB is the maximum that the BB will allow you to use. I have just about all of the drum kits I have ever created and all of the songs that I want to use on my cards. As of this moment, I still have over 11GB of available space on the SD card.
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I used to use Duck tape and a Sharpie for power adapters, but then got an inexpensive Brother label machine to label the gear I have, including power adapters. Nothing worse than smoking an expensive pedal with the wrong adapter :flushed:


Thank you Persist,

Great advice, Do do the labelling now after having experienced frying an expensive vocal
harmony pedal board.

Just because a wrong power adapter fits and lights up doesn’t mean your not frying the circuit board. Expensive experience… Oh dear I didn’t want to do that.

Andy Ray … only smoking on near board and frets.

Hi Phil,

Really enjoying working through thee LBDM 4BB.

As I’m working in a duo with acoustic vocalist and we will be using BeatBuddy, he’s asking is it possible to not have hi=hats.

Iv’e successfully created a custom kit and have deleted all Hi Hats, but they still sound.

Is there any quick fix?

P.S. Also re LBDM 4BB is it better to send to your personal email rather than BB Forum?

Kind regards Andy Ray

Deleting all the hi hats should keep them from sounding. You either didn’t delete them all, or saved the kit with some hi hats still in it.

The only other possibility is that if the recordings of the wavs were made from live drums, there could have been some bleed through with hats. That might happen with Goran’s drums. It should not happen with drums recorded from a DAW or a drum machine. (Note: This is not a criticism of Goran’s drums, which I quite enjoy. I am just making a comment about recording a live drum kit in general. Unless one takes the time to isolate and record each drum individually, there can be bleed through from one drum sound to another. I never noticed any issues with the BB kit drums in this regard, so my guess is that they were recorded individually. As it turned out, Andy noted that he had missed deleting some hi-hats, so bleed through was not the issue.)

If it’s a live kit, you’d have to audition the individual wav files in the kit to try to hear which drum has the hi hat sounding.

You can email me either place. I’m probably more likely to see a
message sent to me here on the forum, just please send it as a message rather than an open forum post.

You also might try the cajon kit with your partner. It’s basically just a resonant box that gets slapped.

Hi Phil,

On deeper inspection missed deleting the Floor HiHats. Yes worked now.

Can testify to other Forum users , if beginner buying Phil Floods LBDM 4BB
(The Little Black Drum Machine for the Beat Buddy )- not hardware virtual drum
developer platform with great PDF notes, is a must.

Creating new custom kit was great using your LBDM 4GG walk through notes
with screen shots,

Agreed Cajon is better suited for Folk.

Andy Ray

I too did some duo work and found the hi hats quite busy. Read my post here: Show Us Your Skills

Andy this is a good resource for beginners with the BB Manager. Hope this helps.

Thank you SongBirdSings

What does LBDM stand for in this topic

“(The Little Black Drum Machine for the Beat Buddy )- not hardware virtual drum
developer platform with great PDF notes” and you can find out more information here New Product Announcement

You can always use the forum search function to get information.

I tried to access this site and got a warning that it is infected with a trojan. Is this expected? I have sent and email about this asking for additional information.

If you’re referring to Phil_Flood’s site LBDM 4BB - Sherlyn's Designs I just checked it from my Mac and I don’t get any warning (I’m using Avira anti-virus) so it should be safe. If you have any doubt, you can privately message (PM) Phil_Flood and he’ll address your questions.

Thank you - I think I sent a private email to Phil. I will watch for response.

Hopefully Phil_Flood and not “Phil” as they are two different users—both quite good at what they do but you need the first named user. :grinning: