Boomerang III + Aeros....sync?

Hello. I just discovered the existence of Aeros today. I currently own a Boomerang III.

I will buy an Aeros if it can sync with the Boomerang.

Is this possible using Beat Buddy or some other form of midi clock?

Please tell me it is…and this may solve years of looping dilemmas for me.

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Hey there, in theory yes, but you would need something like the BeatBuddy that sends MIDI messages (Aeros still can’t be master, this will be in a future update). You could configure either the Aeros (MIDI commands pass through) or Boomerang first in the MIDI chain (as long as boomerang also has a MIDI thru to receive BB’s MIDI messages). It would be interesting to see what comes of the combination.

Okay. Ive never utilized midi for anything at this point.

Using 1 guitar and 2 ABYs, I have 3 amps…2 guitars and 1 bass, and want to use boomerang for gtr 1 and bass, and aeros for gtr 1 and guitar 2. To be able to sync everything would be game changing.

I currently use digitechs and jamsync…and then ramp down the boomerang w ext vol pedal before they drift too far.

The BeatBuddy will work in this scenario as master, all you need is a female MIDI cable (like our MIDI Breakout Cable) that connects to the BeatBuddy and you can start daisy chaining your units with MIDI.

Ex 1 BeatBuddy>MIDI Breakout “Out”>MIDI Male to male cable>Aeros “MIDI IN”>Aeros “MIDI OUT”>MIDI male to male cable>Boomerang “MIDI IN”

I’m not sure if MIDI messages pass through the Boomerang but if they do this configuration could also work.

Ex 2 BeatBuddy>MIDI Breakout “Out”>MIDI Male to male cable>Boomerang “MIDI IN”>Boomerang “MIDI OUT”>MIDI male to male cable>Aeros “MIDI IN”

There will be no audible delay on the Aeros’s part because it always resyncs with the BeatBuddy at the start of each measure, I’m not sure how the Boomerang handles staying in time.

Boomerang is rock solid with MIDI sync as a slave.


So…i dont need something as full featured (and as pricey) as a Beat Buddy…what else will work as a clock for Boomerang and Aeros? I don’t even know what i am looking for…


I was referring to the Beatbuddy as a MIDI master and Boomerang as the slave. The Beatbuddy is fantastic if you are looking for a pedal based drum machine (in simple terms) of sorts that syncs to your looper. This is the combination I have been using for several years and it is great.

Regarding your question…the point of the MIDI clock with the Beatbuddy is to keep the looper in sync with the tempo / start / stops of the Beatbuddy. If you are looking to use MIDI sync for something else please advise.

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Any device that utilizes MIDI clock and sends MIDI start, Stop, and tempo commands should work with the Aeros working as slave.

Basically, i want the ability to set a start stop and/or tempo that will provide sync with boomerang and aeros. I just have no idea what devices can do this. Midi is like witchcraft to me.

I should mention i play with a live drummer, and dont have any need for a drum machine…but i know beat buddy works w boomer (and aeros, obviously), so if i had to bite the bullet to get sync functionality, i would.

You’ll have to read up on that, look up MIDI clock pedals or ask around on the forum what MIDI clocks people are using. Also, (although you may have to wait 1-2 months for us to implement) the Aeros being able to be master will make it so you wouldn’t need a MIDI clock device because the Aeros will take that place and could control your Boomerang.

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Now THAT’S what i am talking about.

Is there any planned release for next wave of updates coming, including the one you mentioned?
and is there any forum for what updates might happen next…based on user feedback?

Thanks, again.

You are on that forum! :laughing:
Check out the latest beta page here.

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There are several categories you can post to. There is an Aeros feature requests category here.

I am using the following set up and it works perfectly. The Beatbuddy is the master midi clock sent to the Boomerang and the MIDI output of the Boomerang to the MIDI input of the Aeros . Perfect sync, lots of channels! I actually have a second Beatbuddy “in the loop” and have created some awesome polyrhythms between the two Beatbuddys!


Thanks. If i dont need a drum machine, can the BB work silently…or do you know of a different master clock option that might work?

Also, did you have you update firmware on Boomerang?

Sure, you can turn down the volume control on the Beatbuddy and still have the visual time count on the face of the Beatbuddy which would certainly be helpful. I did update the Boomerang about three years ago when I first started looping, haven’t checked recently though.

And last couple questions- does stopping BB stop both Boomer and Aeros?
And what cables would i need?
I have never done anything midi related, ever.
Thanks again

Yes, they both respond to start and stop commands. All you need are standard MIDI cables, and the breakout cable for the Beatbuddy.

Okay. This is great. I just cannot justify dropping 200-300 on the BB to use it solely as a master clock…but i cannot find other options out there…not even sure what i am looking for.

I will say that, if working with an actual drummer, it would pay to have something as your master clock that can provide a click track to him. Otherwise, it is awfully hard for your loops to remain in time with a human being that has natural (even if tiny) variations in tempo- unless the loops are busy enough that they give him/her enough cues to stay in alignment. Do you use the boomerang in this way now?

I play with a rock solid drummer, but I don’t think I could use a looper “live” with him without some sort of synchronizing tempo solution. But the music I play might be different than yours…