Bricked pedal during firmware update

I tried to update to 3.9.9. As a result, my BeatBuddy won’t turn on.

I downloaded the files to a PC. Connected the BB to the PC via USB. Copied the files to the BB SD card. The BB flashed Upgrading Firmware. I disconnected the USB (BB was still connected to power, no I did not pull the power cord out). The screen went black. BB will not turn on.


Leave the card in the pedal; power the pedal down and then power it back up. Sometimes this is all it takes.

Going forward, don’t use the USB connection method; instead use the computer SD slot. If you don’t have one, use an external SD card reader.

Delete the contents of the card (delete—not format).

Download and unzip a fresh copy of the firmware and copy to the SD card. Eject card from computer.

With pedal power off, insert card and power up. If the display lights up, allow the update to complete.

If this doesn’t work, the remedy is to follow the recovery steps from Pedal does not power on

Let us know how it turns out.